Friday, April 2, 2010

Premium Fresh & Healthy 3.0

The third version of the Premium Fresh & Healthy decor packages is a marked downgrade from the first 2 versions. I went so far as to nickname  this one "paint and cardboard" because that's about all it is. The only thing carried over from the previous packages is the lower cased letters used for the department signs. Here the letters are all done in black on frosted plastic panels. The panels are simply hung from the ceiling along with product photography. This package was clearly designed to be much less expensive to implement. While it does look nice in some remodels and extremely nice in the newly built Bryn Mawr store, it lacks personality and character.

Simple tiling on the service department walls is included in the decor package.

The Willingboro store had their 90's decor adapted to this new decor package.

3-sided aisle signs made a comeback in this package. Done in black and white and void of the Albertsons leaf.

The new Bryn Mawr store is one of very few to receive new custom checkout light to match the decor package.


  1. When will Quality Built be added to Decor Directory?

  2. I've been waiting for more stores to get the remodel to see how it plays out.