Friday, April 2, 2010

Premium Fresh and Healthy 1.0

The first version of the Premium Fresh & Healthy package was developed for Alberstons' stores under Supervalu's leadership. It was later carried over to several other SuperValu banner including Acme. I'm not sure if all the chains called the decor package "Premium Fresh and Healthy". Acme used the name to help promote the remodels it was undertaking.

This decor package is quite striking thanks to the back-lit lower-case letters used for the department signage. Neutral colors and focused lighting are used throughout the store allowing for the product selection to be accentuated.

Curved awnings were added to remodeled stores with giant Alberstons leaves mounted to the walls.

Neutral tiling for the floors in remodels while newly built stores have polished concrete.

Fake grass lined the tops of cases throughout the store.

Ample use of category makers in this decor package.

Frozen Food was lit with hanging drum lights. Very attractive but difficult to maintain. They often get lopsided and are notorious dust bunny collectors.

Alberstons' leaf was also included on the aisle markers. They were elliminated in later versions.

Drum pendant lights were also hung over the checkouts

The Premium Fresh & Healthy package had a some color adjustments made for the newly built Glen Mills store…

This color scheme would be carried into version 2 of this decor package which had many of its more interesting elements simplified.


  1. I have never seen this one in person.

    It looks kind of generic and plain.

  2. The ones I know of so far that have received this remodel are Ridge Ave in Philly and Warminster; the Warminster one still has a full photo lab near the pharmacy (earlier in the 00s they almost all had photo labs advertising "30 minute photo", but those seem to mostly be gone now).

  3. I like that cross over between the market place and the premium fresh and healthy. any more pictures of this store?

  4. I do have more pictures of that store. Check back this summer when Acme Style heads to the Jersey Shore!