Wednesday, April 26, 2017

News Break: 

Another week, another rumor about which supermarket chain Alberstons is looking to snap up next! (Maybe they should just work on improving the ones they currently own before taking on any more troubled chains but that's just my opinion) Whole Foods is currently very vulnerable to a takeover and word is that numerous companies, including Kroger, Publix and even Amazon, have shown interest. Confirmation of Alberstons exploring the possibility of acquiring Whole Foods has gained traction in the past few days. You can find plenty of articles online but I'm linking to The Morning Call which has one of the better headlines... "Report: Acme parent company considers takeover bid for Whole Foods". You can check it out by clicking here.

Monday, April 24, 2017


The circular above runs from Friday, April 21
through Thursday, April 27th

IS OUT >>>

 The sale signs shoppers have been familiar with
for the past 4 years. 

IS IN >>>

Acme has been using the Xtra Savings logo for the past few years but
had reserved it featured sale items and items on sale for just a few days. 


The savings logo gets a little lost on tags that 
have other promotions added in like Monopoly and 
product information like glutten-free. 

Definitely a nice improvement over the sale signage that had been used for the past 4 years. Simpler, single message and bolder logo. And it's all coming with legitimately lowered prices. While I have yet to notice Acme lowering regular prices, the amount of items on sale has increased dramatically. Now if they'll just open MORE registers!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Acme – Elmwood Park, New Jersey

Location: 58 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ

Big surprise once I sat down to start putting this post together... the Elmwood Park Pathmark was built in 2002! I never would have guessed that when touring the store. Felt far more dated but Pathmark never really shook things up with their new store construction. The interior has what I call the "Path to Savings" décor which may have been what the store was built with. If not, it would have had to have been remodeled not long after it opened. This décor package was rolled out to most stores during the "It's about time" campaign which launched in 2004. Not sure when it officially debuted. Fortunately this store was sparred of the obnoxious "SAVE" messaging which A&P unleashed on Pathmark after they bought the chain.

No exterior painting was done leaving the Pathmark and SuperCenter scars still visible. This store does not have a pharmacy which is odd.

The service departments feel a little crammed in around Produce which is another reason why I thought this was an old store. The layout here feels like a step backwards from the stores Pathmark was opening in the mid to late 90's.

The store was fairly busy on this Saturday afternoon although you won't be seeing many people in these pictures. I'm surprised it wasn't busier as there doesn't seem to be much competition nearby and the area is densely populated. 

Seafood department in the back is no bigger than a closet.

Clean and bright so why does if feel so old?

The service counter in the Meat Department looks like a holdover from the 70's. Hard to believe this was Pathmark's design for a store built in the 2000's.

Not sure if this store has had an official reset. I should have investigated more carefully but I'm pretty sure this double-wide aisle is leftover from Pathmark.

Looks like Frozen Food got all new cases in recent years.

This store lacks the "Path to (fill in the blank)" messaging on the walls. I unfortunately don't have a picture of that on the blog. The line of "Path to..." phrases were covered over with "SAVE" panels when A&P took over. You can get a glimpse of those in the former Randolph store by clicking here.

Heading for Acme's good 'ol front-end DISASTER! The standard 3 registers open on a Satruday afternoon.


The photo above was the line situation when I first arrived. It was even worse when I left. You can see long lines at the 2 open registers in the distance. Things were was so bad at the one express register when I was ready to check out, I put my purchases down and walked out. I did glance over to Customer Service to see if someone could ring up my two items but no one was there.

Enough of my critique of the front-end, time now to hear from some other customers who have shopped here. Below are comments from reviews of the Elmwood Park Acme on both Google and Yelp...

Zahair – OK but lines are always long 

Gabriela – The lines are always long since they don't usually have more than 4 cashiers open. They also removed the self checkout that Pathmark had which slowed things down even more.

Diane – When your just running in for 1 or 2 things it could take a half hour to get through the checkout.

Lisa – Good prices. Need more registers open. Clean.

Andre – Bit pricey and not that many registers open.

George – Not usually crowded. But usually not enough registers open to accommodate the customers that are there.

Janet – Oh wait another 20 minutes at the registers, at least Pathmark had self service check out. This place is never crowded but always very SLOW!!!

Dave – Pretty good sales. But long lines. That's because they only keep 2 registers open at all times. 

Cara  – If you are purchasing one item, plan on spending a half hour minimum to check out.

Jessica – They don't have enough checkout lines open whenever I come here. They should fix that.

Diane – ...and the checkout lines are so long.

And check out this doozy...

Mike – Went here twice. Both times the front end was such a disaster that verbal arguments resulted.

As I've said before, you can yelp and google any converted North Jersey store and hear the exact same complaints. Is Acme paying attention to all these dissatisfied shoppers? Doesn't seem like it. I was in my local Acme this past Saturday. ONE express register open out of the six available stations. Huge line. Only two other registers open, both with lines. I keep telling this same story over and over but it's the same situation at Acme after Acme. I'm with Jessica when she says "They should fix that"!!!


Unusual Kmart at the bottom of the photo...

The Kmart is a former Grandway.

Grandway/ Kmart - Elmwood Park, NJ
For more history on this store, click on the photo to jump over to flickr.



Never would have guessed this place was constructed in 2002.


Have to say, like so many other North Jersey stores I've been in, the Elmwood Park Acme is not living up to it's full potential.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reset Underway at Saddle Brook!

Location: 75 Mayhill St, Saddle Brook, NJ

Some photos have been sent in of the reset of the Saddle Brook store. Still strikes me as very odd that Acme is not reseting stores in conjunction with the décor swap.

Interesting they mention "More new for you items". Many reviews on yelp complain about selection in this store. And many reviews complain about the lack of open registers and long lines. Here's a good one... they have a billion registers and no one to work them.

When this photo was take about 2 weeks ago, the greeting cards were temporarily in Produce. Acme has been moving them from the Health and Beauty aid areas over to the grocery aisles to line up with seasonal merchandise. I'm guessing this store will also be getting the double-wide water and chips aisle.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Acme's New Bags!

The new white bags debuted a couple of weeks ago, replacing the standard tan colored bags with the "Something More for Less" message. "Your Favorite Local Supermarket" has been kicking around for a while now but has been mixed in with a variety of other messaging. Nice to finally see it on the bags! The receipts, however, still have "You're in for something fresh." which dates back to the SuperValu days. Get rid of it already!!! 
News Break: 

Acme is planning extensive renovations on the space but is not offering a time line as to when they will take over the space. Fresh Grocer is continuing to take legal measures to fight it's eviction even though they had failed to renew their lease on time. The news of Acme's victory broke on numerous sites on Monday and Acme Style's inbox blew up shortly there after. I'm including a link to an artile on bizjournals which has some additional details not found in the others. You can check it out by clicking here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Acme – Ocean City, Maryland

Location: 9507 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD  

Photos and information on the Ocean City Maryland store sent in by Marv...

This store is attached to what was once known as Ocean Plaza Mall in Ocean City MD on 94th street. The mall is closed to the public and is currently vacant. Acme and Roses are the lone tenants in this shopping center along with a BB&T bank and a local seafood/sushi restaurant.

Superfresh had an iron clad lease on this property. No renovations of the mall or any of the plaza were permitted as long as Superfresh was in this plaza. Since Acme assumed this location options have opened up for redevelopment. The bank which was Susquehanna at the time could not build an normal A frame roof when the replacement bank was built back in 2010. Superfresh's rights to the plaza dictated that a flat roof building had to be built.

Acme is supposedly going to construct a new store on this dormant plaza in the future. It is unknown where or when this may occur. The interior of the mall is in good shape still and could easily be renovated for a new store. I peeked through the once former mall entrance inside Roses today. Rumors are floating around that if the Mall isn't converted to a new store a replacement will be built in the front of this one and the old store will be demolished and condos will be constructed here.

Roses is beginning to renovate the exterior of their store so some activity may be happening soon.

Acme however has spent little money on this location. They have done some minor painting and installed the quality built check out lights. Superfresh's graphics and aisle markers are still in use. A few new Express registers were installed where self checkout once was. The store while clean is showing its age really bad. A replacement is desperately needed.

The Superfresh was my go-to grocery store when I would vacation in Ocean City. I can still vividly remember a trip I took to the store after a late night at Seacrets. I was picking up some junk food and waiting in line at the checkout. Started feeling really sick and was praying I would make it out of the store before anything happened. I was in a full sweat heading for the exit. Luckily I made just far enough out into the parking lot to toss my breakfast with a bit of privacy. Ahhh... the good ol' days. Pretty sure that was the last time I was at the Ocean City Superfresh.

Image above is from Google street view. I was hoping to catch the store as a SuperFresh but Google has been back through the area since the conversion. Superfresh is still intact in the aerial photos below.


Thanks to Marv for bringing us the Ocean City Acme!