Thursday, April 13, 2017

Reset Underway at Saddle Brook!

Location: 75 Mayhill St, Saddle Brook, NJ

Some photos have been sent in of the reset of the Saddle Brook store. Still strikes me as very odd that Acme is not reseting stores in conjunction with the d├ęcor swap.

Interesting they mention "More new for you items". Many reviews on yelp complain about selection in this store. And many reviews complain about the lack of open registers and long lines. Here's a good one... they have a billion registers and no one to work them.

When this photo was take about 2 weeks ago, the greeting cards were temporarily in Produce. Acme has been moving them from the Health and Beauty aid areas over to the grocery aisles to line up with seasonal merchandise. I'm guessing this store will also be getting the double-wide water and chips aisle.

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