Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 Former Acme Pick of the Day!

Photo courtesy of Dwayne G.

Location: 401 W Stein Highway, Seaford, DE 

Store number 6217 in Seaford, Delaware. Opened in September 1966. Closed in the early 80's. The store was a Food City and then became a Save A Lot. The facade has been upgraded recently to Save A Lot's new look. You can see the older awning in the satellite photos below. The former Seaford store is near two other pitched-roof models that are featured on the blog. The Millsboro store, about 25 miles west of Seaford, had the good fortune of receiving a multimillion dollar expansion and remodel but closed a year later. You can visit that location by clicking here. Another smattering of former Acme's can be found about 25 miles north in Milford. Among them is a pitched-roof model which is now a Salvation Army, and a flat-roofed store which is now... a Save A Lot. Have yourself at look at those locations by clicking here. Thanks to Dwayne for the photo and information on this former Acme. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

No store posts this week...

Due to an overloaded schedule for the next few days, I will not be able to get this week's planned posts completed in time. New posts will be going up next week on Tuesday. February 28 and
Friday, March 2.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

News Break:

Weis is buying 3 Genaurdis!

Weis Markets is picking up 3 Genuardi's stores which were still up for grabs. They include Doylestown, Conshohoken and Norristown. The Doylestown store will be located right next store to an nicely renovated Acme. The impending Conshohoken Weis falls about equal distance between the Acmes in King of Prussia and Flourtown. Probably too far from either to have any impact. The Conshohoken Weis will going up against a nearby Giant. In Norristown, Weis will be setting up shop between a Walmart and a ShopRite (formerly a Giant'Landover store). A former Acme is located 2 blocks away in the Northowne Plaza. Currently a Big Lots. More details at phillyBurbs.com. Thanks to Steve W. for the link!

In other Weis news... the company has reported strong results for 2011. You can read the details at PR Newswire.

It's official... Essential Everyday brand going
store-wide and company-wide!

The good news.... Flavorite, Richfoods and Homelife brands to be elliminated in favor of the Essential Everyday brand making for a more consistent brand experience in-store. The bad news... Essential Everyday going into all of SuperValu's independent stores as well making Acme's "brand" available all over the place. You can read more about it all at Progressive Grocer

Friday, February 10, 2012

Former Acme — Chatham, NJ

Classic picture courtesy of GUman

Location: 471 Main Street, Chatham, NJ

Thanks to GUman we're treated to a before and after here in Chatham. Acme opened in this spot back in March 1966. The store closed around 1988-89. I very distinctly remember the day I heard they were pulling the plug. I had been by the Chatham store many times on the way to my Aunt's house but had never gone in. Riding along with the rents back in those days. As much as I wanted to say "Can we go in the Acme?", I didn't. My cousin told me the place was not in good shape and they didn't shop there. Too bad because the outside was pretty cool! An early Colonial Cottage model, the earliest one we've seen on the blog. Acme clearly had these stores going up during the pitched-roof era. I had pegged this model coming more towards the end of that era.  

How about that classic photo? Interesting variation to the fish-eye sign. Three squares on either side of the sign all done in white. Nice touch with the gate along the roof-line. First time we're seeing either feature on the blog. I remember thinking this Acme looked unusual when we would pass it. Perhaps they tried to make it a little classier with Chatham being an affluent town. 

The Acme building is now occupied by a CVS and some other smaller stores. The front side appears to have been completely rebuilt. I could find no scars along the brick walls or sidewalk to indicate the location of Acme's doors or windows. The side and rear do reveal some evidence of Acme...

Around back we see the compressor room doors. Steal lifting bar above has been removed.

Break room and bathroom windows. 

From the front, you'd never know it had been an Acme. Certainly looked better back in the Acme days. 

Heading back in time... 







Brand new in 1966!

The Acme looks to have taken the place of the building in the left. 

Flying over to a nearby competitor of the Acme... 

A Kings food store just down the street from the Acme. Kings was on the scene as of 1979.

An odd set up for a grocery store. Blink and you'll miss it . The store has no windows facing out to the street. 

I've added Kings to this post for two reasons... first, the company is currently being run by Acme's former President, Judy Spires. Secondly, the chain has just announced aggressive plans for the future with a rebranding of their stores and their website. You can read about the rebranding at Supermarket News. Check out the new logo and revamped website here. I don't care for the new tagline "Where inspiration strikes." There's nothing positive about the word "strikes", especially in the grocery store industry. 

Not the most inviting of stores. The inside is quiet nice... 

Yep, the iPhone 4S needs to be held dead still to get a sharp picture. Looks like that managed to happen only in aisle 4. 

Maybe just 7 or 8 aisles. The last few weren't numbered. They're also shorter here to make room for the Deli and Bakery up front. 

Kings stores are much smaller than in size to regular grocery stores. They specialize in carrying higher end selection of the products. You won't pay more for your groceries. I was doing some price comparisons and found several items here significantly higher than at Whole Foods!

Views from Main Street...

Through the years...



No idea what was located here back in '70.


Kings will be remodeling it's stores along with their latest rebranding effort. The Bedminster store was the first to get remodeled and just had it's grand reopening last Friday . You can read more about that on mycentraljersey.com. I plan on checking out the store in the near future. I would have liked to include some coverage of it in this post but could not squeeze a visit in before this post was to go up.