Monday, February 23, 2015

Step Inside the Former Pittston Acme!

Courtesy of John from

Location: 401 Kennedy Blvd, Pittston, PA

We're heading back to one of the very first stores covered on the blog. This time we will be taking a look at the fascinating interior. While the store has been converted to several different banners over the years, the place is still ALL Acme inside and out.

The classic photos that are kicking off the post are from the Wyoming Valley Blog which is,  unfortunately, no longer on the internet. The person running the blog was kind enough to allow me to access to all the great photos he had taken over the years. It was just the thing Acme Style needed to get off to a great start! For coverage of all of the former Wyoming Valley Acmes, please click here.

Above you see the Pittston store with the Acme/Super Saver sign. The awning is disguising the pitched-roof just behind it. You may also notice the banner on the left side of the store displaying Acme's 100th Anniversary logo, which was launched in 1991. Pretty crazy to see a store where the Super Saver sign lasted until the 90's. This was, by no means, a neglected location. The store received the 80's Remodel but for some reason did not get the red oval logo sign. Instead, the Super Saver sign would finally come down for the Checkerboard Arch decor of the early 90's, when the new block-letter logo went up.

And in giant 3D letters to boot! Just a few years later, this Acme would sold off to Penn Traffic along with 44 other North Eastern Pennsylvania stores. 

This location would become Penn Traffic's Insalaco's banner...

Not sure how long Insilco's lasted by but by January 2006, the store had become Bruno's.

Bruno's with a fresh coat of paint here. Notice the panels covering the old windows now painted in red and green. 

Bruno's closes in 2008.

Quinn's took over next, continuing on with the Shur Save branding. Not shur what the difference is between Shur Save and Shur Fine. I'm more familiar with the latter.

Quinn's has really brightened the place up with a new paint job!

The window covers are now blue and green.

Interesting situation here. The produce delivery door is now located on the dairy aisle side of the store. From all indications of the interior, Acme gave this place a major overhaul, completely flipping the layout.

An addition was made to the left side of the building which looks to have happened when the store was given the Super Saver awning. A bank once occupied this front space with Acme expanding into the rest. The addition allowed for the store's standard 50's/60's layout to be converted to the 33M format which remains today. Pittston must have been a good money maker for Acme. It certainly had plenty of remodels and upgrades here over the years.

Let's head inside and check it out!

Time to check off another item on my wish list! Well, not entirely but at this point we'll never come across a pitched-rood store that still has the Checkerboard Arch decor intact. This is as close as we're gonna get. While the checkerboards are gone here, the arches remain giving us a very good idea of what the store looked like back in the early 90's. The ceiling tiles may or may not be original to the store. Some pitched-roof models where built with them rather than leaving the ceiling exposed. They may have been added here later as both the tiles and lighting look relatively new.

This interior shots is a screen grab from a news report I found online. I couldn't help but to include it so we would have more views of the interior. A little hard to see all the details here but the original dairy side of the store is now the produce aisle. I believe the entrance is on the other side of Customer Service. A drop ceiling has been added over the front-end of the store, which is something we have never seen before on the blog. Again, all of these changes most likely happened when the store was converted to a Super Saver. In more recent years, the tile has been replaced in this section of the store.

Looking across the back of the store we see the good ol' 80's Remodel floor! Deli all the way in the far corner but originally would have been in this corner.

The red Meat Department tiles extend all the way over to Dairy.

These cases remain from the 80's Remodel. The blue Dairy tiles kick in at the creamer section.

A great view of the arches along the wall. Not sure about the chick coming out of the egg. That's not whatcha want to see at breakfast. Below is a picture from the Middlesex store which gives you an idea of what this wall looked like back in the Acme days.

In-store Bakery undoubtedly installed during the 80's Remodel. The tiles here are looking more red than the dark gold color they should have been. This image is a screen grab from the news video.

We have never seen a pitched-roof store on the blog with a drop ceiling across the front-end! I am assuming this was added years after the store had opened. I've certainly not seen anything like it in a pitched-roof store before.

A look around back on this snowy day...


You can clearly see the addition made to the left side of the store.





Unfortunately no historic images available between 1969 and 1992. 

Thanks to John for the long awaited tour of the Pittston Acme!

Giant gets better water!

Photo courtesy of Michael Hale

Acme water spotted at a Giant in Herndon, Virginia! Funny how the one of very few products that carries the Acme name wound up at another supermarket. Not to mention at a supermarket that dropped its name off of all its products a few years ago. You gotta love how "ACME" is just jumping out at shoppers!

Friday, February 20, 2015

News Break: 
Whole Foods will open this Spring 
in the former Morristown A&P!

Artistic rendering courtesy of Whole Foods

Location: 110 Washington St, Morristown, NJ

Whole Foods announced on its Facebook page that their new Morristown store will be opening this Spring. As reported previously on the blog, the store is setting shop in a former A&P which closed in December 2013. You can visit two Bonus Store posts of the A&P by clicking here and here.

For a fascinating look at the gutted A&P, with the barrel roof exposed, click here

I hope to cover this store after it opens. I would love to see how Whole Foods configures this very limited space. What I'm not looking forward to is the limited space in the parking lot. This place is going to be an absolute nightmare to get into. Anyone who has been to the Whole Foods in Montclair knows exactly what I am talking about. 

Paramus Stop and Shop to open 
in Kmart's old spot!

For illustrative purposes only

Location: 859 Route 17 Paramus, NJ

I've heard through the grapevine that Stop and Shop has agreed to move to the portion of the shopping center where the former Kmart currently stands. The Kmart will be torn down and a new Stop and Shop will be built in its place. The rest of the shopping center will be overhauled with additional tenants moving in.

Side note: does anyone know if any North Jersey or Central Jersey Stop and Shops are getting remodeled to Ahold's new look? The package certainly doesn't seem to be sweeping through the chain like it is at both the Giants, although many Stop and Shops have been remodeled in recent years with the purple and yellow fruit bowl package. 

Mapleshade evacuated!

Location: 300 South Lenola Road, Maple Shade, NJ

Roof collapse on February 16th! Not the whole thing. Apparently just a small portion but the store was evacuated. You can read a bit more about on by clicking here. Thanks to Cpt. Cranky for sending in the link! 

Programming Note: 

As some of you have noticed, the historic aerial images in posts from a few years ago have disappeared. Back then I posted links to the historic aerial website which would pop images directly into each post. After a year or so, I became concerned that the links might eventually stop working. I switched to posting screen grabs just to be on the safe side. Well... the links have indeed broken and the images are gone. Fortunately I gave up on posting the links when I did but that still a leaves a lot store posts with no historic images. I'm going to start back tracking to replace all of the broken links with screen grabs. I will also be adding historic images to the posts that never had them in the first place. When I get a batch done, I'll post a list for anyone who would like to revisit old posts and see the newly added historic images. 

Something else you may have noticed is a large volume of posts lately. I'm cranking them out as fast as I can in order to burn through a mountain of inventory. This harsh winter is working to Acme Style's advantage by keeping me indoors and on my laptop! The frequent posting schedule will continue for the next month or two and won't follow any rhyme or reason. I will still attempt to post current Acme stores on the blog every other Friday. The usual Tuesday/Friday posting schedule will return in the Spring.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Store Count...

The following Acme has closed for good…

Clifton, New Jersey 

Last Call...


Location: 467 Allwood Road, Clifton, NJ

Time now for a final tour of the Clifton Acme. These pictures were taken on Monday. Very little merchandise remained in the store at the time. The store closes for good today.

There was still some bread in the Bakery and a small selection of produce. They aren't kidding with the "we've lowered prices!" sign. Everything is 50% off!!

Both the regular and Kosher Delis were completely shut down.

Former home to the Bucks County Coffee. The department was removed last October., a change that was made most likely before the store was slated for closure. For a look at the former café, click here.

The self-checkouts survived until the end.

As mentioned in previous Clifton posts, this store offered a wide selection of Kosher items to appeal to the local community.

The Acme at Oregon and 19th is a virtual twin of this store. You can visit that location by clicking here.

Sad to see all the signage signaling Acme's turnaround still handing in this store.

Dairy was completely shut down.

Have to say my visit here this week was pretty bizarre. Back in 2004 when the store was just weeks away from opening I would occasiotnaly stop by at night to check on the progress. On one evening that I still remember very vividly, the entire interior was completed. Shelves, fixtures, registers signage all in place. Only thing missing was products on the shelves. This past Monday the store was virtually in the same condition, although this time it was getting ready to close... for good. Comments left on the blog have indicated that a sharp increase in rent is the main reason the store is closing. A comment just in this morning claims the rent had soared to $120,000 a month.

One quick look at the former Acme in Clifton...

1006 Route 46 West, Clifton, NJ

This location opened in 1959. As of Friday, Clifton will be without an Acme for the first time in 56 years.

Below is a map showing the locations of Acmes that existed in this part of New Jersey over the years. Granted, not all stores shown here were open at the same time, some stores were replacements of other, but it does give you an idea of the presence Acme once had in this area.

The same map is below, showing how many Acmes are in this part of the state as of Friday, February 20th...

For additional coverage of the Clifton store, please click here.