Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Going Back in Time in Succasunna!

Location: 10 Roxbury Mall, Succasunna NJ

The former Succasunna Acme first appeared on the blog back in April 2009. You can jump to that post by clicking here. Be sure to check out the comments section for a highly detailed account of the final years of this Acme. It is a fascinating read! 

The photo seen above shows the Acme, which closed in May 1998, having been take over by a Linens N Things. LNT went under in 2008. All these years later, Acme's pyramid remains on the left side. This feature was added during an early 90's remodel over Acme's entrance. LNT sealed up those doors and moved the entrance to the right side of the store. The building is now occupied by a Ramsey Outdoor sports store and still looks very much like this today, with Acme's pyramid still intact. 

Missing from the original post were the historic aerial images. At the time, I wasn't aware that such images existed online so they were not included in the posts I was doing back then. For Succasunna, the historic images give us a fascinating look at the original Acme before a fire wiped it out. Let's head back in time for a look...

This is how the shopping center looks today. A Home Depot sits next to the former Acme with a ShopRite on the other side. Acme and ShopRite co-existed here for years. The large building in the middle of the photo is a Kohl's today but started out as Caldor. What you can't see in the photo in the original strip mall that existed along Route 10. Long gone now but we will get a look at it down below. 

The shopping center as it is today. Many of the black roves have been painted white. 

The Acme was still open in 1995. ShopRite had yet to expand due to the Acme still being in business. The commenter I mentioned from the original post, explained that ShopRite was not permitted to expand while the Acme was still in business. I do remember a change ShopRite made at the store that proved to be a massive disaster. They spent a million dollars on a new entrance the had a giant revolving door. It was similar to what IKEA uses at some of it's stores. The door was so despised by customers, ShopRite had to rip it out and send it to the dump. 

Now we're getting to the good stuff. As of 1987, a good ten or more years after the fire, you can see the foundations of the stores that were located closer to Route 10. I'm not sure which pad was the Acme. I remember going to the Acme as a kid and wondering why it was so freakishly far from the main road. I don't think you could see it very well from Route 10, if at all. The field in the center of the property was quiet overgrown. 

Slightly better view in 1979. Zoomed in just below... 

I would have loved to play here as a kid! I remember being fascinated at the news that the original strip had burned down but don't remember ever seeing on the way to the new Acme.


Interesting how the images get a bit clearer the further back we go. Looks like the first store at the bottom of the photo has been torn down. It was standing in 1963 as seen below...

No idea which building is the Acme or what other stores where here. 

I've wondered about the Roxbury Mall since I was probably 10 or 11 years old. Nice to have some answers all these decades later!

Sea Isle City Update!

No pictures to share yet but we do have word on the look of the store... it's pretty much unchanged according to this comment left on the original post.

Anonymous reports:

With The SIC Acme officially open, I decided to take a look and.... No décor changes!!!! everything just got a fresh coat of Paint!! 
70's Corner Deli - Up!! just pained blue (looks like the 30th coat of paint if you look up close)
70's Lancaster Brand is still along the back and is painted blue
80's - 90's produce alcove signage is still up and also painted blue. There are also pictures along the walls of local sea isle similar to the Neighborhood Market décor. and lastly, they took down the Albertsons Marketplace aisle markers an replaced them with ugly black and white aisle markers which have no relation to acme whatsoever. Also, I think parts of the tile were even saved but I'm
not sure.

Hard to know if the department signage was painted blue before or after Sandy. Work is being done at the store when the picture below was taken in early December but it looks more like clearing out and drying out. Nice to know the last "Corner Deli" in the Acme chain will continue on!

Anonymous mentions that the Albertston Marketplace aisle markers have been replaced with the black and white Premium Fresh and Healthy markers. Below are the former aisle markers...

Replaced with aisle markers similar to the ones below. Both rounds of markers may have been taken out of stores that closed.

If pictures don't arrive sooner, I will be visiting both Sea Isle and Beach Haven in the early summer.

Update: "Anonymous" left a new comment saying that the new aisle markers in the Sea Isle City store are NOT the Premium Fresh and Health signs seen above.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Acme — Sicklerville, NJ

Location: 515 Cross Keys Road, Sicklerville, NJ

Since we've been taking frequent trips down memory lane lately, I'd thought I put a relatively new store up on the blog. Also thought it would be nice to see a newer Acme that's doing well rather than being closed and abandoned. Add to all of that... an Acme that goes head to head with ShopRite and continues to survive! Opened since August 2003 with ShopRite setting up shop just across the street four years later. More details about that below. 

I wound up passing by this Acme completely by accident on one of my road trips. These newer models don't often make my list since my goal is to present the more classic locations on the blog. The photo tour of this store is not as extensive as I usually try to do. Many interior shots are a bit blurry as I was trying to get in and out as quickly as possible.

While the Acme's official address is Sicklerville the entryway says New Gloucester Township.

Albertsons Marketplace decor. Not a favorite among Acme Style Blog readers. It's very hit or miss for me. Here it is looking quite nice. This store is also immaculately clean and perfectly stocked. I've been in many stores in the past few months with very poorly stocked shelves. Commenters have pointed out that this was due to SuperValu's cost cutting measures. These measures are expected to be reversed under the new ownership.

Blue light boxes are not lit up.

Look like Wild Harvest bit the dust here. The hard-wood flooring would indicate that the department was originally located here but is now home to discount row.

The floor looks brand new.

The shelves were as perfectly stocked as this Entenmann's display.

Nice signage in the Health and Beauty department. This sign package doesn't appear in many stores.

The signage does a really nice job distinguishing this department from the rest of the store.

Check out stand lights have been turned to face out. "Gotta Love Great Deals" signage in place rather than national brand advertising. A HUGE improvement!

Aerial views...

Impressive crowd when this shot was taken.

The Acme at 8200 Roosevelt Avenue in Philadelphia has this same exterior, as does the former Acme on Island Avenue.

ShopRite directly across the street. While it does have more cars in this image than Acme, it is rare to see an Acme nearly as busy as a neighboring ShopRite.

This store began it's life as a SuperG in the 90's. In 2005, it was converted to a Super Stop and Shop along with eight other SuperG's in South Jersey, when Ahold eliminated the SuperG banner. After the banner change failed to ignite sales, Stop and Shop pulled the plug on all nine stores in 2007 and sold them off to ShopRite. You can see a list of these stores on Stop and Shop's website by clicking here.

Historic Aerials...


That's one seriously crowded Acme! 

Back in the SuperG days.


To finish up this post, I thought I would put together a list of the newly built Albertston-era stores. The list includes locations that were built until 2006 when SuperValu acquired Acme.. I believe I have them all here. While a handful of the locations were replacement stores, Wildwood is the only location where the new store was built in the exact spot as the old. It was pretty much a guaranteed success. Other locations... not so lucky. (Click on stores in blue to jump to their post here on the blog)

New Jersey:
Cape May Court House
Clifton – Pharmacy closed
Freehold, Mount Corners – CLOSED
Freehold, Route 9
Marlboro – CLOSED
Millville – CLOSED
Moorestown – CLOSED
Milltown – Pharmancy closed

Chester Springs
Philadelphia, 7010 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, 1901 Johnston St
Philadelphia, 8200 Roosevelt Ave
Philadelphia, Island Ave – CLOSED (now a ShopRite)
West Chester – CLOSED



Please note: I do not publish comments discussing rumors or speculation of specific store closings.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1960 Dollar Doubler Coupon Catalog!

Click on images for super large view.

A sampling of the fine merchandise offered in the catalog...