Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Check THIS out...

Early Version of the 
Checkerboard Arch Décor
Alive and Well Today!

Location: Hannaford, 7 Medway Rd, Milford, MA 

A hot tip came into Acme Style from James about some pictures seen over on yelp for the Hannaford store in Milford. The store has an early version of the Checkerboard Arch décor, minus the checkerboards. It must have started it's life as a Star Market or Shaws. The builing is nearly identical, both inside and out, to Acme's 90's models. I'm not sure if any Shaws were built with this model but I do know some Star Market stores were. Acme never used the Checkerboard Arch décor in any of their new stores. It was used only for remodels. 

Unlike the Checkerboard Arch décor that we're familiar with, this package uses a variety of fonts for the department signage.

This flooring never officially made it's way into Acme. Remodeled stores kept their 80's checkerboard flooring which was still relatively new when this décor package was rolled out. The only Acme I know of that had this flooring was the old Beach Haven store.

Additional photos are available on the yelp review for this store. To view them, please click here.

A satellite view of the exterior which clearly shows the similarities to Acme's 90's stores. The store is set back too far from the main road to catch any good views from google street view.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Acme Markets Returning Soon to Salisbury!

Location: 751 S Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD

Acme snapped up this store when Giant was forced to sell it due to the merger of Ahold and Delhaize. Giant's loss is Acme's gain! This is a very high-volume store and will mark Acme's triumphant return to Salisbury after a 16 year absence.

Acme is taking more time converting this location than it did with the former A&P and Pathmark stores. Seven days should allow enough time for a décor swap, at the very least. Our Acme Style contributor will be getting more pictures for us once the store opens.

Streetview from Google maps. Head just a bit further down the road and you see the store with the old Giant sign...

Limited satellite imagery for this area. Must be an early morning picutre too with the parking lot being so empty.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Deluxe Starbucks at Barnegat Acme!

Photos courtesy of dougbalt

Location: 912 West Bay Avenue, Barnegat, NJ

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Reset Underway at Edgewater Acme!

Location: 481 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ

This week flew by before I was able to get any more posts done so I'm throwing up this quickie for today. When I was in the Edgewater Acme last weekend, I saw the sign above just as I was entering the store. Seemed strange that they were starting a reset weeks after the décor swap was completed.  Why wouldn't they have just done everything at once? Anyway, I was eager to check out what changes were underway but there wasn't much to see at that point. Ever since Acme took over this store, I have been wondering if they would do away with the double wide aisle 15. Pathmark made this change just a few years back when the Bank of America branch closed. They expanded grocery into the area that housed the bank branch and turned aisle 15 into seasonal and deals. I was sure the aisle's days were numbered the minute Acme took over. Seemed like so much wasted space. Sure enough, Acme is adding shelves down the middle and returning the aisle to its original state. The store will soon have a total of 21 aisles! Again, it's weird they didn't do this while they were doing the décor swap. Now they have to reconfigure the signs for aisles 15 to 21.

I'm looking forward to checking out the added selection  of this already awesome Acme once the reset is done. I'll be adding an update to this post once the reset is complete.

Update 8.22.16: Turns out... a MASSIVE reset is underway at this store. The place is a mess. All new shelving is going in. The health food department is getting all black shelving, along with the aisle end caps. They're not posting any signs as to where things are getting moved to, so shoppers are having to search up and down the aisles. Many aisles are just empty as inventory is quite low throughout the store. Looks more like the place is going out of business than a reset!

Update 8.27.16: Turns out...  (part 2) the double wide aisle is staying! Sort of. It's been shifted to aisle 16 instead of 15. And unlike Pathmark, Acme is not using the entire aisle for seasonal and promotional displays. The left side is all bottled water and the right side is the new chip aisle. According to the aisle 16 marker, promotional items will be in this aisle as well, most likely on displays down the center. This store is still turned upside down but some aisles are now complete and looking great. Even heard a shopper this morning say to his wife, "even the aisles are much nicer now".

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Remodel Underway at Warren Acme!

Location: 177 Washington Valley Road, Warren, NJ

Interior photos courtesy of Dan Asnis

So far it's looking like more of a décor swap than a remodel but I'll be keeping my eye on the place to see what unfolds.

For additional coverage of the Warren Acme, please click here.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Brand New Acme – Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Photo above courtesy of Michael Lisicky

Location: 6212 Landis Ave, Sea Isle City, NJ

It's finally here! The tour of the brand-new Sea Isle City store!! Photos have been kindly sent in by two of our regular contributors. Sent in the very same week no less! Both report the store was insanely busy on their visits with the parking lot being an absolute nightmare. 

Photos courtesy of dougbalt (unless noted otherwise)

The exterior of the store is very similar to the replacement store in Beach Haven.

Beach supply cage to the right on the entrance.

I'll take some! Haven't been to this part of the shore since I was a kid.

You'll have better luck riding your bike here than driving.

Elevated entrance like in Beach Haven. The whole store is elevated to avoid flooding when the sea rolls over this part of the island.

The "ACME" on the cart handles is apparently very easy to scratch off. I just noticed today that half the carts at my local Acme no longer have the logo.

Photo above courtesy of Michael Lisicky

While this place is around 3 times larger than the store it replaced, it's still relatively small.

Photo above courtesy of Michael Lisicky

Corner Deli sign is squeezed in back here. Bumps right up to the Bakery wall. Snazzy flat screens along the back wall!

Polished concrete floors throughout.

Photo above courtesy of Michael Lisicky

Very small Bakery tucked in the corner. Have to say... I HATE Acme's roll and bagel bins. So unappealing. They've been around for years and I'm really surprised they haven't switched to more appetizing display cases for these new stores.

The Meat Department wall is brown here instead the gray color we've been seeing in the converted stores.

The last aisle is CLASSIC Acme. Frozen and Dairy with a tiny Customer Service counter in the front corner. The store has a decent width to fit 14 aisles but, as Doug noted, the aisles are pretty short.

Super modern bathrooms in the front corner!

I think my 50's Acme had a bigger Customer Service desk!

The registers are angled. A total of only seven must make for some long lines, especially on the weekends.

Photo above courtesy of Michael Lisicky

Two express registers at this end. 

A couple shots from around back...

And here we see Doug trying to navigate the jam packed parking lot!

Thanks to both Doug and Michael for bringing us a tour of the Sea Isle City store!!