Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Classic Acme! Asbury Park, New Jersey

Classic photo courtesy of Patrick Richardson

Location: 1293 Main Street, Asbury Park, New Jersey

So this one comes as a surprise...  a second Acme in Asbury Park! The first being located on the opposite end of town at 22 Main Street. It no longer exists today. That location was covered briefly on the blog back in 2011, which you can jump to by clicking here

There aren't any dates or locations listed for either Asbury Park store on the old directories that I have. The address given above is approximate but will get you there if you follow it. 

How the building looks today.

A former A&P just two doors down.


  1. Interesting use of what started out as two separate buildings (at least from what I can see). I've passed that former A&P many times but never suspected an Acme also occupied that block.

    The area has a history of Acme stores including (somewhat) recent ones like Ocean (Seaview Square), Oakhurst and Belmar. There was also one nearby in Neptune, somewhere near the intersection of Routes 33 and 35. I don't think the building is still there, unless it's a larger building a bit north on Route 35 that might have been a grocery store (has a barrel roof and large front canopy) and is now some kind of church. But I don't suspect that's the case.

    1. That Neptune Acme was part of a strip of stores that was torn down years ago. The Aldi was built on that empty lot.

    2. That Seaview Square ACME was well known in the area for offering double and even sometimes triple coupons when no other stores did that on a regular basis.