Friday, July 1, 2016

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Pictures of Quality Built in the Fort Lee and
Edgewater stores are below.  

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Location: 2160 Lemoine Ave, Fort Lee, NJ  

Stopped in here a few days ago to grab a couple of items and was surprised to see the Quality décor package! The store looks beautiful. The dingy feeling that was still hanging around a bit from the A&P is completely gone. Like Edgewater, this was mostly just a décor swap. No new cases, no new configurations of departments and no new flooring, which the store COULD really use. New shelving is going into the grocery aisles and a full reset does appear to be underway.

These pictures were taken quickly as I ran through the store. I'll get back for some better coverage once the store is completed. 

Fort Lee must sell a ton of fresh flowers. Every single time I've been in this store since last October there has been a floral delivery waiting to be unpacked. When I first photographed the store back in January, I completely skipped Floral because a huge delivery had just arrived and the whole department was a mess.

One note about Produce, which I didn't bother to take a picture of since nothing has changed... Acme is not putting Produce signage in the A&P and Pathmark stores were the produce aisle runs along the first grocery aisle. I thought they would create a hanging version of the "So and So's Freshest Produce Market" but I haven't seen such a sign in any updated store. A sign like they have at the Devon store would be even better for these converted stores. Take a look by clicking here.

Surprised to see the A&P''s spot lights still remaining around the store.

I had wondered too if Acme would do away with the lighting directly above the aisles and install new lighting along the ceiling. No signs of them doing that. There are areas of the store that still feel a little dark.

The Dairy department looks particularly good! A&P's old flooring works well here too.

Health and Beauty was completely being reset when I was here.

The front-end has yet to get some much needed upgrades. Nothing has been done to the Customer Service desk and the store's original registers still remain.

The store has a terrible express lane situation. As you can see here, no express lanes were even open. I really hope new registers are coming yet.

More shelving being delivered outstide!