Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Sale 1994!

Classic circular courtesy of John from

Summer's winding down which means...
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Is your store being remodeled?

Looks like improvements are underway at multiple Acme locations with more in the works. If you work at a store that is being remodeled or is scheduled for a remodel in the near future, let Acme Style know! These stores will become top priority for coverage on the blog. Dates for grand reopenings would be appreciated as well.


None of your personal information will be shared on the blog. If you have reservations about emailing, you may leave "Annonymous" comments to any post on the blog.

Thanks for your help!

Friday, August 23, 2013



Comments coming in to the original Willingboro post...

Steve G:
I just visited this store, it is in the process of a makeover, gone are all the 90s wall decor, light green paint is currently in the produce alcove, talked to a worker there who knows this blog and has been here, he says he thinks it will be a lower budget version of the decor burlington NJ got.

Willingboro is currently being remodeled! The 90s d├ęcor is finally gone. The business at the store is up significantly from last year, and with Pathmark closing next month more business should come.

A look at the old 90's decor...

Hoping the same decor from the new Bryn Mawr store is going in here. Still seems to early too tell for sure. I've been concerned they were going to bring the decor package from the Albersons LLC stores over to Acme. It's not a good one and it's filled with the dreaded Alberstons leaf.

Willingboro will be covered again once the remodel is done. This is a classic example of why I do not publish "This store is closing", "That store is closing" comments on the blog. Willingboro has been written of a hundred times over. And now it's being remodeled! Certainly appears that the new owners are committed to Acme's survival.

For the original Willingboro post, please click here.

P.S.: Acme Style will be up and running again the first week in September!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Winning Poweball ticket sold at the
Tuckerton Acme!

One of three winning Powerball tickets was sold at Acme in Tuckerton, New Jersey, also know as the Little Egg Harbor Acme. The three lucky winners will be splitting the $448 million jackpot. Below is a video of Acme store supervisor Bill Weber being interviewed by NBC10 in Philadelphia.

For for full article on teh NBC10 website, please click here.