Friday, September 7, 2018

Lawereceville Acme's Final Days...

Photos courtesy of Mike S. 

Location: 2497 Brunswick Avenue/Route 1, Lawrenceville, NJ

The PF&H version 3 refresh wasn't enough to save the Lawerencville Acme. The store closed this past August. (Exact closing date unknown at this time). Acme had taken over this location from Pantry Pride in 1981. You can check out a photo of the Pantry Pride by clicking here. Word came just a while back that Acme had signed a long-term lease here. Apparently they didn't and have now left the building just as major upgrades are underway at the shopping center.

You can check out additional coverage of the store by clicking here.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Big Changes at Acme!


Safeway's POS system has been getting rolled out to Acme over the past few months. It arrived at the stores I shop at just in the past few weeks. A huge investment considering the previous systems were only 3 years old in all of the stores acquired from A&P. The new POS systems definitely offer some nice enhancements. First off, receipts are a good 25% shorter than they used to be. The additional receipt you would receive if your used a credit card has been completely done away with! The credit card terminals also have an improved interface and will now accept Apple Pay prior to the cashier finishing the order!

The monitors haven't been replaced but the graphics are all new. Not as nice as what Acme previously displayed on the screens. Already sick of seeing "Got Gift Cards?" on every screen I glance at. Acme used to fill closed register screens with eye catching promotional graphics giving the entire front-end a really cool look. Safeway's screens are more functional looking.

New and drastically improved shelf tags! So much easier to read. The tags are larger with less information packed onto them. Big improvement with the font as well.


The Xtra Savings logo is still used on larger sale signs.

Since the system switch it seems like just about everything is on sale! It really feels like Acme is putting more focus on pricing since adopting Safeway's tags. At least from a visual perspective. I have been noticing some very low sale prices on some items I buy regularly.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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