Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Former Acme — Newton, NJ...

Photos courtesy of Rob Ascough

Dollar General has moved into the former Acme in Newton. The exterior work on the store is nothing less than spectacular! They've essentially returned the Acme to it's former glory rather than updating the exterior with a more modern design. The "Super Saver" mansard roof is back to being brown, the color it originally started out as. This section was added on during the 70's remodel to hold the new fish-eye logo sign. The store started out its days with the cursive logo across the awning. It never was a Super Saver formatted store. 

Rob's photo from the late 90's above. Acme unleashed this horrible green paint in the early 90's to update the exterior of older stores. The paint was usually paired with the new block letter logo, but Newton never received the updated signage.  

Still undergoing renovations during Rob's visit.

Acme - Newton, NJ
Renovations complete in this photo from JoshAustin610's flickr collection. Looks incredibly clean and fresh. Notice too, the produce room expansion of the 80's has been removed. I'm hoping to get out that way sometime in the new year to check out the interior. For all previous Newton coverage, please click here.

Acme — Middlesex, NJ...

Photos courtesy of Andrew K.

Look at this! A very nice update given to the exterior of the Middlesex store. The former flat-paneled sign has been replaced with the deluxe 3D lettered sign. HUGE improvement. Nice to see this old store getting some TLC. (The new sign is getting pelted by rain in the photo).  For the original Middlesex post, with a look at the interior, please click here

Former Acme — Bordentown, NJ...

Photos courtesy of Billy F.

And finally... the Bordentown store now operating as a Bottom Dollar. The Acme that was located here moved down the road to a brand-new shopping center. The new store, which appears to be among Acme's most successful new stores built in the 2000's,  has been photographed and will go up on the blog early next year. 


A look inside...

Completely gutted of all its Acme characteristics.

For the original Bordentown post, please click here.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Acme — Oxford, PA

Photos courtesy of Gary A.

Location: 2176 Baltimore Pike, Oxford, PA

For the last store post of 2012, we'll be taking a look at the Oxford store. Somewhat of a classic at this point. Opening date here unknown. Could have been anytime in the 70's, or even the early 80's. This store was a replacement to a former 50's store which stood on the same property. The original building is long gone now but surprisingly it's footprint and parking lot remain intact.

I have been yearning to get to this store for years now. It did nt make the list the one time I was out this way to see Parkesburg  and Kennett Square. Making the long trip out there for just one store is something I haven't been able to pull off. It was a very pleasant surprise when Gary sent these pictures in. Gary has also provided us photo coverage of the former Harve De Grace store. 

While the exterior here did receive a significant upgrade, similar to the one at the former Bordentown store, the interior hasn't been so lucky. The last full-scale remodel occurred during the late 80's with a somewhat partial Albertson's Marketplace remodel done sometime in the early 2000's. 

If you look closely, you'll see shiny sections on the cement by the doors. I'm thinking the magic carpets may have been in these spots. Removed when the motion sensor sliding doors were put in.

Odd framing of the sign here. May have been done during a repaint to avoid having to paint around or remove the mounted letters.

Everything is looking relatively new in this shot. Updated floor and deluxe department signage not often seeing in smaller stores. A similar model in Stevenson MD just had plain letters mounted to the walls for each department.

Cases here in the back look to be leftover from the 80's remodel. Now painted black to fit in with the decor. The category signs hanging from the ceiling where brought in right after Albertsons took over Acme. They've now been replaced in most stores with the Premium Fresh and Healthy signs. Updated flooring in this section.

Ah-ha... the 80's checkerboard floor! It remains throughout the store except in the first aisle. Looks like an odd mix of the two styles here although the 80's flooring is in pretty good shape throughout the rest of the store.

Frozen cases appear to have been updated since the 80's remodel but long before the Albertson's Marketplace decor was put in. Interesting to see the more deluxe Albertson's Marketplace decor items here mixed in with leftovers from previous remodels.

The Bakery has see some nice upgrades of it's cases. A decent selection here considering the size of the store.

This shot takes me back. Before the 80's remodels, the greeting cards were located by the in-store Bakery in many stores. They got bumped out into an aisle for the remodel allowing for expanded Bakery selections.

This store has an early "33M" format. Later models would introduce the curved drop ceilings like the ones seen here and here at the former Jersey City store. Another good look of these drop ceilings can be seen a the now former Stevenson store.

The reestablished Customer Service Department which was decimated during the 80's remodel.

Word is that business at Oxford isn't what it used to be mainly due to Walmart opening. The map below shows some of the competition for the Acme...

Acme does have the advantage of being on the other side of town. Redner's may be taking a bigger hit with the new Walmart just across the street.

The building seems ripe for an expansion out of the left side.

And now for a look at the former Acme's location...

I had no idea that a 50's Acme stood on this site until just a few months ago when I was researching this store. Kept looking at this image thinking how strange it was to have a beat up old parking lot to the right of the driveway. After staring at it for a while I realized and old Acme used to be there! This will be confirmed down below in the historic aerial images.

Gary got some shots of the area where the old Acme stood. This would have been the back area of the old store.

The former parking lot out front.

The Ghost of Acme past!


There she is! I have an opening date of 1956 for this store but the image from 1958 still shows a field.

Same year just zoomed in a little closer. Looks like produce is getting a delivery in the front. 

Quiet day in 1968.

And nothing in 1958.

Acme - Oxford
A departing photo from JoshAustin610's flickr collection. Did he know he was in the old Acme's parking lot? Thanks to Gary for bringing the Oxford store to Acme Style!