Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Updated photos of storm-damaged Acmes

Thank to Michael L. for sending in more photos and news about the Sea Isle City and Beach Haven Acmes...

Sea Isle is in a slow process of drying and rebuilding. However blocked storm drains keep its entrance, and interior, precariously close to flood stage. Beach Haven is awaiting demolition. Acme recently purchased the surrounding land and will build a 30,000 sq ft plus store that is hoping for a May 2013 grand opening. It will have to follow a fast timetable as there has been little accomplished at the Beach Haven store, other than its gutting. There is no other supermarket on Long Beach Island and there are only a few small convenience stores currently open. 2 CVS stores in Ship Bottom might be serving as the community's one-stop center. All Wawas are closed, including 7/11. The area around the Acme in Haven Beach and Beach Haven is devastated. Very few businesses have returned. There is so much more trash to be picked up. Photos were taken December 9.

Sea Isle City...

*** Update12/13/12 ***
Just noticed the best pic of the bunch didn't get uploaded the first time around...

We've seen it before but it's always great to see it again... the original "Corner Deli" sign still up on the wall! "Lancaster Brand Meats" remains as well and can be seen ever so slightly in this photo. The other departments have the lettering from the Checkerboard Arch package as can be seen here and here. The floor also appears to be from the CA package, although it wasn't used in other Acmes but rather brought over from Acme's cousin, Star Markets. The overall color scheme of the store is from the Albertson's Marketplace decor, as are the (former?) way-to-big-for-this-store aisle markers.

Beach Haven...

Trash waiting for pick-up on the Island...

For coverage of these stores during better times, please click on the following links:
Sea Isle City
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  1. Perhaps some of these chains should consult with the folks who run Stewart's up here in NY.

    (For those not familiar, they are a Saratoga Springs based convenience chain with 300ish stores in NY and VT - their stores are not quite as complex as a Wawa or Quick Chek - only pre-made foods, no make to order section).

    They had a store that was destroyed last year in Schoharie during Irene (which hit at the end of August). They completely demolished and rebuilt and had a grand reopening October 19th - just over 50 days after the storm.

    Maybe their construction crews could give these stores some tips on how to get stores done more quickly (note that they have been remodelling/replacing stores quite a bit recently, similar to what Wawa has been doing in NJ, and they normally take longer to do a new store, but figured out how to sped it up in this case since the area was in need of a new store and lacks much else in the way of shopping).

  2. I don't know why beach haven is the one being replaced, sea isle is a much smaller store that hasnt had nearly as much work done to it over the years. Beach Haven is a beautiful store that has had a ton of effort put into keeping it nice.

    1. Obviously the Beach Haven store is being replaced since there is plenty of land on the site for a new store.

    2. How far is Beach Haven from Sea Isle?

  3. P.S. notice that in the beach haven store the aisle markers have been replaced.

  4. Is the Beach Haven store getting replaced? Last I heard, those plans were put on indefinite hold, although that was before the storm ripped through LBI. I know that plans to replace that one have been in the works for years, so that's likely why that store is getting replaced while Sea Isle City is getting remodeled. I'm sure Acme (or one of its many former parent companies) investigated the possibility of replacing the store at some point but it's likely land isn't available, or it was too expensive.

    1. The movie theater next to the Beach Haven Acme closed in the summer, so it appeared they were ready to start the demo/ expansion before the storm hit.

      Sea Isle is closer to Wildwood, while Beach Haven/ LBI is north of Atlantic City; the two Acmes are approx. 60 miles apart.

  5. will Sea Isle be receiving Pf&h decor or will it keep its original?

  6. I can't imagine much would be retained. When stores here in northern NJ have been flooded out by storms in recent years, it's typical for everything to be thrown in the trash, probably because of the risk of mold growing on everything as a result of standing water. It'll be interesting to see what Acme does with such a small store.

  7. Well the 70's Deli sign is STILL there and Lord knows this isn't the first time the store has flooded.

  8. Sea Isle Update
    I was down during the polar bear plunge, and I stopped by to take a look and it was OPEN, but only about 1/10th of it so they could rake in money on the tons of people who go there for that weekend. They only had non-perishable food like cookies and snacks. Also, I couldn't take any pictures because everyone working there was there to assist you with the few merchandise they had, even the manager. Just shows dedication!

    Also, I found out why the ceilings were so low. There were a few displaced ceiling tiles, and above that there was about 2 feet of space above for extra pipes and wires. Above that there were very old 60's or 50's tiles, probably original.