Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Going Back in Time at the Parsippany Acme!

Location: 1099 Route 46, Parsippany, NJ

The former Parsippany Acme was one of the very first stores to be posted on the blog back in 2009. The post is not very extensive. I was a little nervous taking pictures so I managed to get only three. Didn't dare to take any on the inside. Oh, how things have changed. You can visit the original post by clicking here. One of these days I'll revisit this location and give it the exhaustive Acme Style treatment. In the meantime, we'll head back to the 1960's for a look inside! The photographs you will soon be linked to were taken by the Parsippany Police department as they were investigating a robbery that took place at this location. Thieves came in through the roof, broke into the safe and wiped it clean. While the police photographed the immediate crime scene, they also took additional pictures throughout the store. Little did they know how excited people would be to see them 50 years later! These are some of the most rare photos we have ever seen on the blog.

Before I give you the link, I need you to take a look at the OTHER Acme clock. I've mentioned this clock on the blog a few times over the years but have never been able to get a photo to share... until now! A screen grab of Parsippany's Customer Service Department is right below...

Could I be more thrilled to finally have this on the blog? No. This has been at the top of my wish list for years. Now, if I can just get a picture of the gold and brown Bakery wall paper to show you, my wish list would be complete! Does anyone remember this clock from other Acmes? I know Sparta had one and possibly Newton as well. I remember seeing it in other stores but can't recall exactly which ones.

Ready to be transported in time?
Just click here!

Thanks to Guy for sending in the link to the photos and the details of the robbery. Be sure to check out his fascinating Facebook page on the history of Pan American World Airlines by clicking here.


  1. wow some of the things I noticed was the cig. rack over the registers lobster tank with lobster on sale for 1.29 lb(i'll take 10 lbs) old comic book rack what looks like a aisle of record albums and lots of wasted display space
    but that how it was back than really enjoyed this flashback thanks so much

  2. I had both clocks in the Laurel De and Seaford De stores to watch when I worked there in the 80's