Monday, February 9, 2015



Location: 300 Ryders Lane, Milltown NJ

A few weeks ago word came in to the January Discussions post that some changes were underway at the Milltown store. I stopped in about two weeks ago to have a look around. While some minor rearranging had happened in the Produce Department, not much else was going on. The Bucks County Coffee Café had been removed but I'm not sure if that was part of the current changes or if it has been gone for a while. You can see where it used to be located right below...

Above is a photo of the café as it was when Acme Style covered the store back in 2013.

Losing the Café does open up the front of the store significantly. It's a rather odd layout here when you first walk in the front door. You are immediately blocked by the long cheese case which forces you to either walk past the Deli all the way to the left or head straight for the Café which was on the right. Now with the Café being removed, there aren't as many obstacles greeting shoppers.

The produce tables all used to be at weird angles creating a very strange flow throughout the department. They now have been straightened and all run parallel to the front of the store.

A refrigerated case has been removed.

Some leftover displays and bins were gathered to the rear of Produce. And that's all I saw. More informations has come in to the February Discussions....

Hey guys, if you want to see the Milltown Acme, now is the time. Unfortunately, they are remodeling it. They are slowly taking down the large decorations in the store. Also, they have taken down the low black lights over produce and replaced all of the lights in the store. I will miss the old décor but it has been almost 15 years since it opened. The humongous cooler filled with bottles of coke has been taken down, they removed the sprinkler from the bottom of the giant bowl of chips, and they have taken down about half of the aisle markers. You should definitely go before the rest is gone. They probably work overnight because there is a scissorlift that is being kept in the former seating area from Starbucks. They have made some significant changes to the produce section and bakery.

Say it ain't so... the giant bucket of soda is gone!

I wonder how much of a remodel will be happening here. The store is in need of some updating and streamlining. It is signage overkill in this place. Just take a look at the original post by clicking here to see for yourself. On my recent visit the "Acme Reading Center" signage was STILL up even though that department had been relocated years ago. That area is now used of for the 10 for $10 sales. And below you'll see the Video Department which has been long gone as well but the signage still remains...

The self-checkouts were still here on my last visit. I imagine they will be getting removed soon. One other interesting thing that I noticed was the store was the busiest I have ever seen it! I've been stopping here from time to time over the years and never saw many people in the place. When I was here two weeks ago you could actually call the place BUSY! I was never too sure about the store's success. It lost its Pharmacy the same time Clifton did. Now Clifton is closing, although word from a couple of sources is that an obscene increase in rent is what doomed that store. Milltown looks to be going strong. I will be stopping in over the next few weeks and will keep you updated on the changes.


  1. The "Theme Park" décor isn't one of my favorite Albertsons decor packages but it is the most memorable, considering it was in the last Albertsons I saw (2011). I wonder if when other Safeway-branded stores get remodeled (and when Lifestyle is phased out), if they'll have self-checkouts or not.

    I think it will work out...a store with the newest décor set (enough to build another chapter in the Decor Directory), possibly a reopened pharmacy.

  2. Hi, I am the commenter whom you quoted earlier in the post. First off, thank you for dedicating a post to my Acme's remodel. Also, when I commented, I accidentally neglected to tell you that the Snack Central and Beverage Boulevard signs were gone, along with the giant spinning chef. I like the décor so much because it is so unique, being used in only 2 Acmes, and that each one of their versions have different aspects to it.

    I don't think they will reopen the pharmacy because there are 2 CVSs and 2 Target Pharmacies in the 5-minute vicinity, so there is too much competition for that to happen.
    About the future decor, if you look at the produce refrigerators, they installed signs in December that describe the vegetables. This sign was also seen on the produce refrigerators at Philly's 10th and Reed location, but not Devon. Because of this, I think we will be getting that version of "Quality Built," or possibly our own version. Hopefully we get the Devon Version with the 0th and Reed Historic Acme Logos.

    Maybe they will even center the sign on the building again!

    On another note, I was reading some old posts, and I just wanted to fix some confusion: The location labeled as Seaside Heights is actually Ortley Beach, or Dover Beaches North. I commonly shop at the A&P there, as I have a house in Lavallette.

  3. I shop at this Clifton act me I really hope they bring back and act me soon it was a nice store to shop in