Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Acme Clock for Sale on Craigslist!

Well, it was for sale. The ad is no longer available on craigslist. Thankfully Will got a screen grab for us before the it was taken down, or sold... who knows. Wonder what store this one came from. The Salisbury Acme would have been the closet location to Parsonburg. I'm not sure when that store closed. If your looking to pick up a clock like this for yourself, there may still be one for sale. Click here for details.

So it looks like the Acme logo was added to clocks after they were manufactured. I had always assumed the logo was printed on the clock face. Acme certainly ordered enough of these to have them custom made. With the discoloration around the logo, it looks as though a decal was added later.


  1. One of the King Kullen supermarkets by me has one of these.

  2. Just noticing - the other clock you link to in the post doesn't look like it is a sticker (the logo seems to blend right in with the rest of the white part).

    Is there any chance that they had a clock like this with an earlier/different logo at some location(s) that they might have covered with the logo on the sticker, while others/later ones were made with the logo in place?

  3. These clocks were not exclusive to Acme. Other chains had them too, with their own store logos where the Acme logo would be on this clock. For example, the Frankford, Philadelphia Thrift Way (formerly a Penn Fruit) has one of these clocks with a Thrift Way logo on the bottom where the Acme fish eye logo would be.

    I hope this clock isn't sold, because I am interested in purchasing one to hang in my kitchen or dining room! :) Please let me know if any more clocks become available. tuc30020@temple.edu

    -- Rebecca

    1. Other stores with the clock have been shown on the blog....