Tuesday, February 14, 2012

News Break:

Weis is buying 3 Genaurdis!

Weis Markets is picking up 3 Genuardi's stores which were still up for grabs. They include Doylestown, Conshohoken and Norristown. The Doylestown store will be located right next store to an nicely renovated Acme. The impending Conshohoken Weis falls about equal distance between the Acmes in King of Prussia and Flourtown. Probably too far from either to have any impact. The Conshohoken Weis will going up against a nearby Giant. In Norristown, Weis will be setting up shop between a Walmart and a ShopRite (formerly a Giant'Landover store). A former Acme is located 2 blocks away in the Northowne Plaza. Currently a Big Lots. More details at phillyBurbs.com. Thanks to Steve W. for the link!

In other Weis news... the company has reported strong results for 2011. You can read the details at PR Newswire.

It's official... Essential Everyday brand going
store-wide and company-wide!

The good news.... Flavorite, Richfoods and Homelife brands to be elliminated in favor of the Essential Everyday brand making for a more consistent brand experience in-store. The bad news... Essential Everyday going into all of SuperValu's independent stores as well making Acme's "brand" available all over the place. You can read more about it all at Progressive Grocer


  1. I don't know if SuperValu will get rid of the "Super Chill' brand, but what i've read, they are keeping the Culinary Circle, Stockman & Dakota, Wild Harvest, Equaline and Shoppers Value brands, and I would also assume they will keep the Lancaster Brand for Acme for Meats.


  2. The Weis in Norristown will also be going up against a Giant that is not far away on 202. The Walmart is a very weak Walmart by their standards. It will be very interesting to see how they do. I cant imagine it will be any worse then the Genuardis were doing but i guess we will see. Giant and ShopRite are two very competitive companies and good for Weis to at least try.

  3. what will happen to acme's farmstand brand?

  4. Hi, Lancaster Brand isn!t going any where soon. The company has to much vested in it and customers ask for it by name. Gerery

  5. It's hardly a surprise that all Acme store brands are being eliminated. I am shocked that the stores are still called Acme, although I sadly suspect a name change to happen in the not too distant future.

  6. Acme always seemed to compete well against Weis here in NEPA ... hopefully they are still able to do so

  7. Acme should really look long and hard at the Genuardi's / Safeway situation and realize that when you consolidate or eliminate your brands that you've told your loyal shoppers to trust for so many years, expect some backlash in terms of loosing some loyal customers; essential everyday just doesn't speak to consumers as far as a brand they should be impressed with, no attachemnent to anything... just my humble opinion

  8. I wish Weis would buy the empty Genuardi's (which closed a year and a half ago) in Lansdale PA to replace the existing Weis nearby which is the only one for miles. The Genuardi's is much more modern but Weis would really need to fix it up.