Wednesday, April 12, 2017

News Break: 

Acme is planning extensive renovations on the space but is not offering a time line as to when they will take over the space. Fresh Grocer is continuing to take legal measures to fight it's eviction even though they had failed to renew their lease on time. The news of Acme's victory broke on numerous sites on Monday and Acme Style's inbox blew up shortly there after. I'm including a link to an artile on bizjournals which has some additional details not found in the others. You can check it out by clicking here.


  1. There's something very odd about this. Wakefern didn't wake up yesterday after living under a rock- they surely know how to renew a lease in a timely manner. Who wouldn't know to do that? Someone wants Fresh Grocer out of there.

    Are Fresh Grocers franchises like ShopRites?

  2. Here is a direct link to the article:

    Kind of on the small side at 34k sq ft. Acme plans to have a Starbucks, beer and wine, a sushi and noodle bar and a guacamole station.

    The fight will most likely end up in court, but if Penn is on the right side of the law, it will be a big victory for Acme. The redevopelemt of that area no doubt will bring more business to the area and help boost the Acme. I don't know how Fresh Grocer operates, but I think Acme is probably planning a more upscale experience.

  3. A lot of locals seem to be upset by this and actually like The Fresh Grocer, despite the confusing layout inside due to the space. They are worried that Acme will come in with even higher prices (Fresh Grocer isn't that inexpensive either, but definitely lower than Acme. Although their prices really became better once they became part of Wakefern/ShopRite.) Acme still can't seem able to shake it's high-priced image. The demographics/income surrounding this store is pretty high, but then you have 'poor' college students as well. All I know if Acme ends up moving in, they better think long and hard about reintroducing self-checkouts in a store like this.

  4. Sadly Acme been firing a lot of longtime A&P workers, it's. Shame how Acme is treating the workers. Let's not act stupid act like this isn't going on. I wonder if acme will last in nj and ny for much longer. There not making much money talk about being expensive and full of lies.

    1. You are so mis informed! Acme took on dead stores from A&P and there dead weigh of employees that missed the cut from prior store closings, and u talk this trash! Acme should take this store" meaning go in and chain the doors! They have a lease they dont attitude