Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Former Acme — East Brunswick, New Jersey

Image courtesy of Michael Lisicky

East Brunswick Acme Markets circa 1982. Looks like it was in pretty bad shape back then and probably one of the only locations still sporting the old script logo in the 80's. The larger store down the strip is a former J.J. Newberry. I'm not sure where this strip mall was located and what is in it's place today. There are far too many strip malls in East Brunswick to even make a guess where this one was.

UPDATE 12.01.09: Below is an aerial shot of where the East Brunswick Acme once stood. Billy left a comment with the address and news that the building had been torn down and replaced with a bookstore. I can see on Google Maps that it is now a Borders bookstore. If the building was completely replaced it appears to have the same footprint of the former Acme building. Interesting to compare the size of the former Acme with the ShopRite just behind it. Oh how times have changed.

And a photo of how the store looks today...

Photo courtesy of Dan Asnis


  1. this is the kind of Acme i used to LOVE ... there was one in the South Side Shopping Center in Scranton, PA similiar to this one that was in equally horrible shape ... used to pop in there from time to time

  2. I love acme this store looks like it could be fixed up a bit

  3. Wow, what a great photo. That logo was around more that you might think in the early to mid 80's. The Red Bank Acme in Woodbury also sported that Acme Markets sign. I sure wish I had my camera more often back then.

  4. Got a chance to talk to someone who lived in East Brunswick/Old Bridge for many years:

    The Acme in question was at the Mid State mall, which is on Route 18 on the Northbound side between Prospect St and Tices Ln.

    This plaza currently has a ShopRite, but the Acme was not where the Shoprite now is (in the back section) - this was one of those plazas with 2 grocery stores which were more often found years back.

    Is was at the very front of the plaza (toward Rt 18), and was torn down to build a book store.

    The Newberry's part is still there and is a Big Lots or similar type of store.

  5. Just to add a couple things, now that you have a picture posted:

    - I was taking this info from the person I spoke to - she may have been incorrect about rebuilding vs. redoing the building.

    - The Shoprite is towards the back of the plaza (ie: away from Route 18) - I think it might be the store at the right of the shot with the lighter roof.

    I have been in that store a few times and it has been completely redone in the past several years. Prior to that, it had been expanded, apparently by taking over a couple smaller stores to the left. When you entered, the first two or three aisles were lower than the rest of the store, and you had to go up a ramp to get to the rest. They also used parts of what appeared to be backroom to house things like pet food.
    With the remodel they somehow changed it so it appears to all be one store now, no changes in level (didn't see it during remodel, so no idea how).

    The building that appears to be "behind" the plaza (across Tices Lane) is a Sam's Club (left side) and the Route 18 Market (which is a flea market). I don't know anymore about that building's past, though it seems a likely possibility to have been a grocery/discount or similar combo at some point

  6. The ACME was not torn down. It became a Funtown (toy store) and then the Borders.

    The Sams club is in a building that used to be Grossman Lumber.

  7. Just a FYI...MidState Mall is the name.
    The Acme was on the far corner nearest Route 18. It is now a Borders bookstore. There was minor demolition to the mall, but I believe the main concrete and steel structure was left. The Shoprite is near the Old Bridge Turnpike entrance. Some people may remember the bowling alley that was in the mall, that is now a gym. Staples and Best Buy are the other anchor stores in the open mall. BEST, a retailer was in the complex and left when the company went bankrupt. If you take Route 18 north toward New Brunswick, you will see MidState Mall.

  8. The toy store that replaced Acme was called Kiddy City.

  9. There was a Kiddie City in Old Bridge at the intersection of Ernston Rd and rt 9 and another in Edison at Wick Plaza, but this was not a Kiddie City, it was a local chain called Fun Town. There was also one in Freehold where Freehold Music is right now. It was owned by Norkus who also owned several Food Town stores.

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  11. it is a PetSmart now here is a picture i took at the same angle I have posted on

  12. found this picture