Monday, November 9, 2009

Avoca – McAlpine Street

Image courtesy of Wyoming Valley Blog

Yet another example of a lonely pitched-roof Acme. I'm always fascinated at how Acme just plopped these stores any old place they could find.


  1. The West Main Street Nanticoke Acme as well was just plopped in an area that didn't make much sense

  2. I started working for Acme Markets in late 1978 and visited many stores while performing my job, and in the employee break room some stores Acme had a small sign that stated Acme was a growing company and that we were always looking for new locations, and to please contact the real estate department if you know a location with at least 5 acres of avilable space. At one time the American Stores Company had well over 800 stores and in the late 70's there were over 450 Acme's and 12 warehouses that serviced Acme's throughout New York State, PA, MD, DE, NJ, DC, W VA and VA. Now with about 125 Acme's left, the end may be in sight.