Monday, November 9, 2009

Wyomming – Midway Shopping Center

Images above courtesy of Wyoming Valley Blog

Currently a Price Chopper.


  1. Great Post. I know nothing about the Wyomming valley (I'm fromn Jersey!) but this is an ompressive history on this store from a pitch roof to a Price Chopper (Big upstate NY chain).
    I always wanted to see a real what a Super Saver during its time (1970s) it seemed that few of the Super Savers were in the Philade;phia market ie Philly/South-central NJ (then again Acme by the 1970s began the massive pricing campign that would ultimately kill off Penn Fruit )
    badk to this store. I have some questions.
    1. How big is the current store?
    2.Were there/is there any discount department store tenants at this shopping center?
    3. Noting the CVS in the outparcel. this presumably was the relocated Rea and Derick (Acme owned drug store chain of course bought by Peoples, then merged into CVS)
    A big thank you to anyone that can provide me with any info/history on this shopping center. seeing photos of the evolution of this shopping center and the Acme in particular kinda makes me want to know more.


    1. Hi! I am from the Wyoming Valley, lived here my entire life and I am only five minutes away from the former Wyoming Acme. The shopping center it was located in is called The Midway Shopping Center. About ten years ago the center had burned down. The Price Chopper (former Acme) was spared because of a fire wall. After a complete renovation of the center, the CVS that was next door relocated across the parking lot and became a freestanding store. There used to be a McCrory's five and dime store at the opposite end of the center there until around 2000 maybe...I cannot remember for sure.This is now a Harbor Freight Tools. There is a Bon Ton all the way at the end of the center but this is not attached. This used to be a Pomeroy's department store many years ago. There are a lot of locally owned businesses in the center, a Hallmark Gold Crown and a couple of restaurants. The Price Chopper store (former Acme)is big but not that big. I do not know what the actual size would be. Compared to the other Price Choppers in the area it is dated and smaller. It still had the old Insalaco's look to it. They took over after Acme. I used to work for them yeas ago. They were a very popular family owned chain in the area at one time. They are all gone now. I hope this has helped you some!

  2. It looks like the Carbondale former Acme. Insalacos did a similar expansion and fascade there.