Monday, November 9, 2009

Exeter - Wyoming Ave

Images above courtesy of Wyoming Valley Blog

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  1. Back in the mid-1970's there were at least half a dozen corner stores in Exeter - and two supermarkets - Sperazza's IGA in the north part (downtown) and The Acme next to Sabatini's Pizza. I grew up very close to Sperazza's - but I do recall a classmate's dad working as a manager at the Acme and remember going in there a few times on the way to the Moonlight Drive-In in West Wyoming.

    I believe the store closed so as not to clash with the expanding Super Saver in the next town of Wyoming. The Super Saver was at least twice (if not three) times the size of the Acme.

    I believe the Acme closed around 1977 or so. Probably around the same time the A & P's in the neighboring towns of West Pittston and Wyoming shut down.