Monday, November 9, 2009

Shickshinny – 32 East Union Street

Images above courtesy of Wyoming Valley Blog


  1. This is similar to the Clayton one, in that it's the only store on its plot of land, and has a large parking lot (for a store of that size and age). I'm guessing this is now an auto repair shop, judging by the garage door?

  2. now its used by a construction company ... it's been a couple of things since the Acme closed ... Before it was remodeled like this it was a craft/woodwork store and I was in it. It was kind of neat because it still had the Acme signage on the walls (this store finished with the 80s remodel and the red oval logo sign).

  3. The first picture is not the Shickshinny Acme market.

  4. This model is a early pitched roof model, most pitched roofs would come with the Fish-eye logo

    1. There were several early prototypes that wound up becoming one-hit-wonders. Another version will be coming to the blog soon.