Sunday, November 15, 2009

News Break:
Employees have voted in support of a possible strike planned for November 19th. Workers have been without a contract April. The strike would affect 28 Acmes and would start a week before Thanksgiving. Hopefully thing can be worked out before then. For more details you can check out the articles listed below:

UPDATE 11.19.09: The strike is now set for Friday night if an agreement on health-care benefits cannot be worked out. Will Acme allow employees to walk out on the eve of one of the biggest grocery shopping weekends of the year?

UPDATE 11.21.09: Strike adverted... for now. Talks are still underway and a new deadline has been set for this Monday at 12 am.
UPDATE 11.25.09: Strike adverted... again! And this time it is looking like a deal will be worked out soon between Acme and the Union. Click the link below for more details...


  1. Seems like the wrong time ... both of the season and economy ... to go on strike

  2. Our contract at Super Fresh in South Jersey expired in Oct. 2008 but still no word of any action yet.

  3. this is the BEST TIME 2 STRIKE! we have somthing to bargin with. if acme had it's way they would stall until january the least busiest time of the year and we would be forced to sign an unfair contract. acme has no one to blame but itself it's greedy and is corrupt.