Sunday, February 7, 2016



Location: 152 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825

Well this didn't take long at all... Blairstown has received the Premium Fresh and Healthy Version 3.0 department signage and aisle markers! Elements of the Quality Built package have also been added including local landmark photos on the walls and checkout stand lights. I suspect the refresh was in progress when Tim first took pictures of the store but it was hard to know for sure since the colors used on the wall weren't typical for any of the Acme remodel packages. Let's have a look...

Color pictures here instead of the more often seen black and white photos.

Acme seems to have ditched the product imagery that used to be paired up with the department signs. I have another store coming to the blog soon that has been given the PF&Hv3 package but without any product images. Perhaps they ditched it since they're going pretty heavy with the Acme loves local signage.

As much as I would love to see SuperValu remodel packages sent out to pasture, I do love the big and bold aisle markers. Also have to say, I am a fan of the 3-sided signs and was sorry to see Acme ditch this format for the Quality Built aisle markers. And as I said in the original Blairstown post, these signs tie in very nicely with the A&P black and white flooring.

Kinda of a bland gray color for the meat wall. The letters do pop better here than on the burgundy color that is usually used for the Meat Department. 

Have to say, not the best match for the rest of the décor.

I think Acme should have stuck with the checkout stand lights from the PF&H package and just added the Acme logo to them. These were pretty sharp looking in person and matched nicely with the aisle markers.

Well there you have it... the new P's and Q's décor package! Get it? Seems the perfect name for the A&P converted stores. I image we'll start seeing this play out in other locations very soon.

You can visit the original Blairstown post by clicking here.

Thanks to Tim for getting us updated photos for the Blairstown store so quickly!


  1. You're welcome! You did misspell Breaking News, though.

    1. Thanks. Spellcheck doesn't check post titles and I was rushing this one out.

  2. I foune it interesting that they put in the Quality Built lights. I think they're prototypes, though. The logo is a slight off than the Philly store these were used in.

  3. South Plainfield now has the Quality Built lights, along with their new self-checkout registers. The A&P Fresh (version 1 & 2 mashup) decor is otherwise still intact, and I have to say these lights actually blend in better with that decor than with the PF&H package.

    1. South Plainfield has self-checkouts???

    2. Yes, they recently installed a new set of self-checkout registers there.

    3. Got your pictures. Thanks! Those aren't self-checkouts though. They're Acme's new express registers and they have cashiers operating them.

  4. How'd they carry down something from SuperValu?