Monday, February 8, 2016



Not sure how long these have been around but I saw them for the first time this weekend. Saturday I passed by three on the New Jersey Turnpike. Up until then I had just been seeing the old silver trailers with the red oval logo, which has been pretty surprising since SuperValu had removed the Acme logos from as many trailers as they possibly could. I wasn't able to snap a picture while I was driving so I made a stop at the Lincroft store and look what I found! Couldn't get a shot of the trailer door here but I did get a view of them out on the road. The doors now display the "Acme loves Local" logo. Great seeing updated Acme trucks roaming the highways in North Jersey!

Side note: Lincroft has all new lighting throughout, which I was not a bit surprised to see. What was surprising was the light fixtures themselves. Completely different from anything else I've seen at other stores. Pictures will be coming in the next week or two.

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  1. So very plain compared to post 2015 trailers. I pass the Randalls DC in Houston and have seen Albertsons trucks with the "better" signage (Fresher, Tastier, etc.) and Randalls trucks sporting new "Signature" signage instead of the LIFE letters.