Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Acme Trucks!

Photos courtesy of trex354

Some new. Some old.

The Acme Is Local logo on the back with a close-up below...


  1. Nice to see the trucks looking so good. Not a fan of the "city to shore" tagline, though. Doesn't really say much.

  2. I've seen their stuff at C&S Wholesale Grocers in York PA while I was delivering to them. It seems that Acme is getting some Ahold brand stuff.

    1. Ahold brand stuff from C&S would routinely show up at A&P stores too, not on file, packaged produce in particular.

  3. I work for Weis Markets. We also pick up at C&S too. The likely reason you see Acme trailers there is because they pick up the same stuff we do there. C&S distributes stuff from there like ConAgra and Heinz among other companies too.

  4. Are they relabeling the trailers that had their labels removed by Supervalu?