Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Abandoned Former Acme – Brick, New Jersey

Classic photo courtesy of Patrick Richardson

Location: 1890 Route 88, Brick NJ

Jo-Ann fabrics has checked out of the former Acme in Brick Township. Pictures have been sent in of the empty interior which has remained largely intact since the Acme closed in the early 80's.

Sweeping view of the interior. New flooring and removal of the Meat and Deli back wall are the only major alterations to the interior.

The former Woodstown store was a virtual twin to this location. Below is a photo of the same portion of the store store, which was sporting the 80's Remodel when it closed.

For full coverage of the abandoned Woodstown store, click here.

The Dairy aisle would have run along this wall back in the Acme days. The boxes up on the back wall had been a mystery until I visited this store to cover it for the blog. Discovered that they were simply covers for the air intake vents. The vents were exposed in most 50's stores. You can see an example at the former store in Newton, NJ by clicking here.

A close-up of the air vents that rand along the sides of the store.

The future of the former Acme in Brick is unknown. For full coverage of the store, please click here.


  1. Sad to see such a well-preserved one go. Hope the next tenant doesn't do too much. Both Brick and Woodstown are nearly identical to that one in Centereach, NY which had extensive work done on it. That store has that deluxe brickwork seen at Woodstown too.

  2. Perhaps Acme needs to reopen in that area (not in the same store, necessarily, but there does look to be space they could rebuild or expand if they wanted to). Several places there have been comments, as Brick lost both an A&P and a Pathmark (no one took over either), leaving them only a ShopRite (which is in a plaza with a couple other larger stores, making parking hard to find many times) and a Stop & Shop (which, I think is an old Grand Union, though they may have expanded it).

    1. The Stop & Shop is definitely a former Grand Union. That store was left largely untouched by S&S until a massive remodel around 2011 or so.

      The old Acme is wedged between a Walmart, Walgreens, and long-standing auto repair shop. Any expansion on that site would be difficult.

  3. This store has a new tenant. At Home Recreation, a seriously overpriced swimming pool and holiday decoration store, has opened. I just drove past tonight and saw the signage.