Friday, February 5, 2016

Acme – Blairstown, New Jersey

Location: 152 Route 94, Blairstown, NJ 07825

Opened: October 30, 2015


Not sure what happened here. Looks like a remodel may have started but wound up not going anywhere. Most of the colors painted on the walls is from A&P's "fresh" version 2 remodel but some are not. What's so strange is there is absolutely no signage or artwork to be found in this store. A mystery indeed. Acme could easily hang the department signs from round 3 of the Premium Fresh & Healthy remodel and call it a day. The aisle markers from that package would tie in nicely with the black and white floors here. Hopefully Tim can keep us posted if any changes are made in the near future. Acme hasn't even updated the lighting in Produce at this point. 

Busy Bakery!

Nothin' on the walls...

The Dietz and Watson sign has been removed from the A&P's and Pathmarks in my area but remains here.

The old school frozen food department still looks really good.

Doesn't even look like this store has a "Thank You for Shopping..." along the front-end.

Some of the register lights have been switched around with printouts of new numbers taped over the original numbers.

Times for Acme to put up some department signage!


The Blairstown Acme is in the middle of no where with no competition nearby. The original A&P is located about a mile east of the replacement store.

This A&P was built sometime after 1971 according to the historic images, seen here while it was it was abandoned. Tractor Supply Co. has since made the building its home. Click here for a look of the updated store.

Looks like this store remained an A&P Food Market until the end.



Couldn't get a full shot of the area in 1997 but we do see the A&P on the left side. 


Thanks to Tim for sharing his photos!


  1. You're welcome! I never went there during its' A&P days- my dad tends to do his shopping at the ShopRite in Mansfield on his way home from Route 80- and that store really sucks, especially concerning parking. It should be noted that the stores in Mansfield are the only competiton this store really has- otherwise, there's only a small Dale's Market location in downtown Blairstown. And it was a Food Market to the end- I saw on the NJ Record's website a photo of them taking the A&P signage down and preparing to put up the Acme signage. I'll try to go there this weekend for the 125th birthday party, ask the staff what happened.

  2. Somehow this still looks better than that former Pathmark in Maryland with the '90s decor. But I agree, they could easily just hang the Premium Fresh & Healthy signage if they want to give it a quick update.

  3. That looks like literally the exact same store as Nort Brunswick, clock and all, same frozen food section, same exact layout, except for the exterior, which is completely different. The only difference is that North Brunswick had no Kitchen Shop.

  4. Most if not all of the newly opened Acme's went through a "soft" opening. What is called the "hard" opening will or should happen within the next 12 months and should satisfy many of the concerns of Acme Style viewers and there thoughts of decor.

  5. I'm posting this here in case Acme Style didn't get my email, but I went back today and found that they remodeled- to PF&H 3.0, just as he predicted. Only thing is, they also added some Quality Built elements too- mainly the checkstand lights (with the new fisheye) and pictures of local places on the walls. I uploaded them to the same Flickr album as these photos, so you can find them easily.