Friday, November 6, 2015

Store Count...

The following Acme locations have opened:

A&P Fresh at 1260 Springfield Avenue, New Providence, NJ
A&P at 177 Washington Valley Road, Warrenville, NJ
A&P at 2007 Route 35, Wall Township, NJ
Pathmark at 4100 Park Avenue, Weehawken, NJ

November 6th marks Acme's triumphant return to New Providence!
(Pictures coming soon)


  1. All right! Weehawken is now open as an ACME! I kind of like the mini-mall idea though I wish it integrated a bit better into ACME. Rather than the dated "Tower Plaza" name (in Chicago font!), it should simply be a large ACME. So here's the idea: take down the bars and other things that separate ACME from the mini-mall and let shoppers take that ACME cart through the mini-mall. Tear out the doors and many of the walls, then evict the exterior, south-facing tenants and replace that with a relocated Best Liquors, which would have an exterior entrance as well. There also would need to be a bank branch somewhere in there as well, instead of just ATMs. And all this would be in conjunction with remodeling the main store.

    I also had no idea how close in proximity it is to the West New York ACME.

  2. The Manahawkin Superfresh is the closest supermarket to my mom's house. She was surprised to hear that it was purchased by Acme, as was I. It has long been neglected, and the adjoining strip mall is old, with a lot of vacant stores. Most of the grocery shopping is on the other side of town, however. It is nowhere near as nice as the A&P's and Pathmarks up north. I imagine this turnover will require a lot more time and work. But I can't wait to see the transformation!

  3. The Warren (AKA Warrenville) store for now still looks like an A&P or Super Fresh from 1995. They apparently plan to remodel it in January.