Thursday, November 19, 2015

Acme – Branmar Plaza, Wilmington, Delaware

Photos courtesy of Mr. Ruffles

Location: 1812 Marsh Road, Wilmington, DE

No stickers on the aisles markers here. Seems strange since the black "Acme loves local" stickers would look really good. Guess Acme figured since they didn't have to cover up a SuperFresh logo they wouldn't bother with the stickers.

Mr. Ruffles reports... "D&W, no Boar’s Head in Delaware "

Mash up of a few decor packages here. The artwork is from the 4th round of "fresh" remodels.

New express register stands have been put in but the registers themselves have yet to be installed.

I imagine this sign will be around for many years to comes, always serving as a reminder of what store started out here.


The surrounding area with the SuperFresh right in the center of the image.

Branmar Plaza.

The original A&P was to the right with an expansion on the left side when the store became a SuperFresh.

Haven't been able to track down this location on Putting the address in the search box does not bring me anywhere near the Branmar Plaza.

Departing shot of the store front sent in by Anne.


  1. SR3 @ Silverside Road. Doesn't look to be a way to share the map/link on Historical Aerials. The store (or at least something on that spot) dates from 1965-on in the map.

  2. I was surprised at the slapdash refresh they did here - I guess Acme President Dan Croce has no nostalgia for this place despite their shared history.

  3. I'm sure the store will get a better treatment over time. Some of the elements of the store seem to have been there for a while, despite any remodels. Though I haven't been in that store in quite a while.

    If anything I would hope that they would be able to expand the store even further. It's so small as it is.

  4. I went there earlier this year (when A&P started closing stores) definitely was looking worn and was in need of some work. Don't know how much Acme did to it in three-four days.

  5. Weird that a store that underwent a Fresh remodel kept the aisle markers from the Fresh Obsessed decor package. Those were still in most of the stores that didn't undergo a remodel otherwise like Garfield and Bloomfield.

    1. It didn't undergo a remodel. Just got some new décor,

    2. Ah. Gotcha.

      Wonder if the Super Fresh decor survived at any other A&P stores until liquidation...can't think of too many that had it,.outside of Garfield and Maplewood (plus Morristown, right?)

  6. Why would Acme spend another small fortune to improve a location that does not have loyal customers? I'm sure that there will be a major redo once this store shows consistent sales. This is a very good location, even with Namanns Road and other nearby Acme's.