Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Acme – Vernon, New Jersey

Location: 530 County Route 515, Vernon, NJ  

A quick look at the Vernon Acme which opened on October 30. The store has the first version of the "Fresh" remodel. Looks like a beautiful store! Bright new lighting has been added to Produce.

Acme hires cleaning companies to come in and clean these stores from floor to ceiling. It's something to see. I got a glimpse of it at the Weehawken store yesterday. The company being used there is Belfor Property Restoration.  Tons of people scrubbing everything in the store. There must have been 10 people on ladders along the front-end alone scrubbing light fixtures, painting ceiling tiles, dusting security cameras and... cleaning every single rung on the massive security gate that extends along the front of the store.

Same sticker treatment that we saw at the 2nd and Girad Ave location in Phlliy.

So this photo answers a question I had... what was Acme going to do with the borders along the top of the cases? These were covered with historic A&P images all done in a green tone. Acme took care of those by painting them black!


Limited aerial views of the shopping center.


A&P began in the building to the left of the current store. This is the first year it shows up in the historic aerials.

The replacement store was built sometime between 1995 and 2002. 


  1. Vernon? Isn't that the town where Action Park was, then recently came back to life as a theme park zombie? They'd better watch out for their employees if they try to go there.

    1. Relax, they closed or modified most of the rides that ended with broken teeth or paralysis.

    2. I was at Action Park the day a guy got a electrocuted on the Kayak Experience. We didn't even know what happened until we got home and saw it on the news. Fortunately, I only ever left the place with a few bruises.

    3. Apparently, the guy who owned it recently bought it BACK, so they're bringing in a new, but far safer, looping water slide. I've never gone there (even during their Mountain Creek days) and hope never to.

    4. I went to Action Park once and enjoyed it.

      As far as I'm concerned the only true Action Park was the original. The renaming of the Mountain Creek Waterpark doesn't count.

  2. Despite the stores receiving new life as ACME, it is a bit sad to see how what remains of A&P's history is being wiped away.

    1. Agreed. We are witnessing the death of an icon.

      I suspect the new A&P expanded into the old one after it was completed. The facade of the new store extends to the front of the old one in aerial photos and the ceiling on that side is lower (and supported by columns with different spacing), so I'm thinking the wall between the two was removed as part of the "relocation".

    2. Yes, the "old" store starts at aisle 12 and continues into what is now the liquor store and post office. It was expanded around 2001-02.