Friday, November 6, 2015

Acme – New Providence, New Jersey

Acme has returned to
its rightful spot in 
New Providence, New Jersey!

Location: 1260 Springfield Ave, New Providence, NJ

Acme through the years... 

Acme opened here on October 12, 1966.
 This photo was taken in 1998.

The classic Acme was torn down in the summer of 2009.

A&P builds a brand-new store where Acme once stood.
The new store opens on September 24, 2010.

Acme takes the store BACK in October 2015!

Acme reopens on November 6, 2015!
(sans a proper sign)

Let's head inside...

New lighting in Produce!

New stickers on the wall art for this store! I would have to say they look better than the white stickers we've seen previously. These seem to blend in a little bit more.

This store has the 4th-ish round of the fresh decor. A sort of mash up of rounds 1 and 3. 

Seating area with flat screen TVs remain in place.

First thing this morning so the chickens were't out of the rotisserie just yet.

Beautiful bakery in the round...

Truth be told... I'm finding the bakeries to be extremely inconsistent from store to store. This place has a great selection, as does Weehawken from what I saw this morning. Edgewater and West New York have been very disappointing. Selection of fresh baked breads have been minimal to none.

Seafood to the left of the Bakery. 

Health food aisle with no signage indicating as such. A&P did have signage here when I was here a few years ago. 

Looks like the A&P logo was painted over bore the stickers were put on.

I was beginning to think they weren't using the "Something More For Less" shelf tags in these conversions. They certainly have them here!

I'm surprised Acme to beef up the lighting in the Dairy aisle and in the frozen food section in the front of the store. It's a little dreary. 

No Acme sign at the front-end. Looks like they tried to make up for it by hanging a My Mixx cell phone sign. 

4 express registers were installed where the self-checkouts were located. 


These images were included in the recent "Future Acme Markets" post and have been added to this post as well. Some of the satellite views show the Acme still standing with work starting on the new A&P. You can see how they A&P expanded out of Acme's original footprint...

And a quick jump across town to see the old A&P which has been abandoned since the replacement store opened...

Location: 592 Central Ave, New Providence, NJ

This store had a basic version of the first "fresh" remodel but the exterior signage was never updated.

You can see additional photos of this former A&P at the very bottom of the "Future Acme Markets" by clicking here.


Back in the day when I did the first New Providence post, I wasn't yet utilizing historic aerial images. They are included here...










49 years and 25 days later, Acme once again OPENS in New Providence, New Jersey!


  1. Midland Park added more lighting in the back of the store several days after it opened. Maybe NP well get more lighting as time progresses.

    Woodcliff Lake also doesn't have a sign at the front end. Wonder why some stores got it and others didn't.

  2. You have to think that some of the issues (like the lack of sign here & there) could just be temporary issues of getting them made. Especially since this store doesn't have one out front either (just the "banner") and there is the Pathmark without one for the road but letters on the outside.
    Given that they weren't certain at first that they would get all the stores they bid for, then having to double check each area (particularly since so many are not areas they have been in, or at least not recently) for any rules on sizes and then having to get 70+ stores worth of all kinds of signs made in a fairly short time (while competing in some places for sign makers time with Stop & Shop and other chains doing the same)...

    1. Yes, the logristics of getting all of these stores onverted and then open is mind boggling.and then add in the various municipalities signage rules and laws for extra difficulties.

  3. These are some very upscale Acmes opening. New Providence is one of the nicest towns in NJ. Pretty soon people will stop thinking of Acme as a dated, dying store your grandma frequented, and instead as a place for quality...if not already.

    Ortley Beach also doesn't have an outside sign yet. They just took down the A&P sign and put up a banner. Pics will be forthcoming!

  4. I went to old bridge friendly's for half price breakfast today and while I was eating, they took the huge A&P sign off of the old store. There was a sign outside saying that acme will be opening in 2 days.

  5. Is Wall Township's Acme the only first generation A&P Futurestore left? Also, which decor package does it have, is it different than other A&Ps today to continue with the Futurestore theme? Also, I can't wait to see dougbalt's pictures of Ortley!

  6. The proportions on the ACME sign out front don’t look right to me. I think they should have gone with ACME spelled out in large individual letters rather than the single rectangular sign with the white background.

    1. This sign is most likely temporary. It's just a banner mounted to the store.

  7. Those stickers are a huge improvement over the stark white ones. Still wish they'd utilize that new fisheye logo though, especially since with it they could have the stickers cut to match that shape and still cover the old A&P logos rather than just being obviously blocky rectangles. Although, as stated in comments above, getting all this stuff made was/is probably quite overwhelming, so ACME likely just stuck with what they knew...

  8. Wrong place for this most likely but it's looking like a number of southern (PA/DE/MD) stores are next in line for conversions this coming week into next weekend. If you check the circulars for individual stores some of them have differing end-dates this week.

    1. As time allows, I will try to get to the three northern Delaware stores. I think the stores in Delaware County went to Shoprite (Brookhaven and Chichester), which is going to run them as Fresh Grocer.

      Unrelated, but the Wegmans in Glen Mills/Concordville opened today.

    2. I thought Acme bought the Pathmark in Boothwyn/Upper Chichester. I’ll be out there this week and can take a look.

  9. Just asked about Acme the sign in New Providence. Apparently the borough is giving Acme trouble over the size of the sign.

    1. Let's hope they don't have to make it comically tiny like in Montclair.

  10. Looks like they've put up a sign, and it's not tiny!