Friday, November 6, 2015

Acme – Sussex, New Jersey

Location: 455 State Rt 23, Sussex, NJ

Another quick tour of a converted A&P Fresh brought to us by an anonymous contributor. This store is very similar to Vernon and the upcoming Jefferson location, particularly with the exteriors. All three stores have produce and most departments on the right and continue in a counterclockwise direction, and all have the first round of the "fresh" remodels. This store is much brighter than a typical A&P since the lighting is hung from the ceiling as opposed to running just above the aisle shelves. The ceiling here is relatively low since this store began as a small Centennial model.

A lot of these acquired stores are so beautiful you have to wonder if Acme will even bother remodeling many of them. I keep finding myself surprised at the condition of these stores as more and more pictures are sent in.

I actually like A&P's aisle markers better than what Acme is currently putting in remodeled stores.

The Bakery looks to be in the front corner which is an unusual spot for A&P.  This store also has the frozen food section in the center of the store rather than along the Dairy side.

3D letters on the parking lot sign! Looks so much better than a flat piece of plastic.


Very little competition in this area which seems to be a common factor for many of the A&P's that Acme acquired. The surrounding town is big enough to keep this store doing brisk business but not big enough to draw more competition into the area.

You can see this store started out as a Centennial Mode, which is still sitting right there in the middle.
You can see the store evolve in the historic aerials below.






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