Thursday, August 10, 2017

Grand Reopening – 2nd St and Girard, Philly

Location: 180 West Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA

This news is a little old. Exactly two months to the day old but I don't want to miss any official grand reopenings. They're so few and far between despite many stores getting significant makeovers. Not sure why Acme isn't making a bigger deal out of them.

This particular location opened as a Superfresh in August 2011 after many delays due to A&P's bankruptcy. The store was originally planned as a Pathmark but was switched to a Superfresh just months before opening. Google's street views let you see the store as a Superfresh AND an Acme! Just one click of the mouse and the sign changes. I would love to see this store in person but have no plans to get there in the near future. If there is anyone in the area who can get us interior pictures, please let me know! For a look at the store prior to the remodel, please click here.


  1. Super modern [dare I say mid-century "modern-ish" exterior! Looks great !

  2. I drive past this store a few times a week at least, and it looks great from the outside. I love it.

  3. Been here a few times, Next time I'll try to get pics for you...really nice inside. Starbucks and a Frosted Mug.

    They also had a decent amount of registers open the times I visited....

    As for grand openings, they are mentioned on the employee site at least. From the top of my head I remember Mahwah, NJ, having their grand reopening around the same time along with a bunch of others in NJ and PA....

  4. I was in the store on 9/7, and the interior is definitely the Quality Build intetior decor. I posted 1 pic on my flickr page