Monday, August 21, 2017

Update on Front and Snyder!

Location: Front and Snyder, Philadelphia, PA

The sign is up! Wonder if there will be another one along the front. It would be cool if the letters  were free-standing along the awning like they were on some 50's and 60's stores. That red rectangle is a bit of a mystery. Looks like something is being covered over. Perhaps a Pharmacy sign. According to a comment left on the precious post for this store, employees who have been training at 10th and Reed report this location today! 


  1. The red sign is indeed intriguing! The red rectangle looks almost permanent as if it was mounted and not just some sort of fabric covering something else. It looks like it might be a large "S" and a few letters afterward (like "Sun") so it almost appears like it may perhaps be a bank.

    1. Hmm, perhaps it could be for Santander. That would make sense.