Thursday, August 17, 2017

Former Acme – Old 2nd Street, Philadelphia

Acme/ Rite Aid - Philadelphia, PA (North)
Photo courtesy of JoshAustin610's flickr photostream

Location: 5734 Old 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Josh happened to pass this building while work was being done to the exterior and spotted this remnants of the fish-eye sign! Strange that the wood used to mount the sign is in the actual shape of the fish-eye logo. We've only ever seen the sign as a plain old rectangle. There is an artistic rendition of a pitched-roof store on the blog which shows the sign in the shape of the logo itself which you can see below. I've also seen a photo of the fish-eye sign made of route iron mounted to the facade of a very old store in Maryland. I thought the photo had been emailed in by someone but I can't locate it.

For more pictures of this illustration, please click here.

This Acme opened October 20, 1948 and Josh reports that it closed in the 70's.


  1. Likely thinking of this old store in Baltimore on Eager St.

    1. Exactly the one! Couldn't remember where to find it. Thanks!!

    2. A quick Google search shows the former Eager St. Acme is still standing,as another establishment: