Thursday, August 24, 2017

What the heck?

Saw this on an Acme shopping cart this past weekend. Just found one but I only had a few seconds to look around. I'm assuming the store received the sign(s) by accident and it never should have made its way to a cart. "it's just better" in blue is used in Alberstons stores while a red version of the signage is used by Safeway


  1. The Avalon store has these too

    1. I saw them on more carts this morning. They should have at least used the red versions to make them look more Acme-like.

  2. Albertsway has so many divisions and banners going on right now I don't think they know what they are doing with any of them, let alone differentiate them.

  3. I saw these on carts just today at the store on Lenola Rd in Maple Shade.

  4. Saw that on a cart at the Voorhees (Eagles Plaza) Acme. But, it was at the opposite end of the shopping center, where the Office Depot & Wine Warehouse occupy the original Eagle Plaza Acme.

  5. All of Milltown's carts have those.