Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Store Count

The following Acme closed in June 2017:


Acme (Closing) / Pathmark, Ironbound Neighborhood, Newark, NJ

Location: 295 Ferry St, Newark, NJ

UPDATE 8.3.17: The store count for this post has been changed from 178 to 177. When calculating the new count, I missed the recent closing of the Burlington store


  1. Hey Acme Style, I think you mean June 2017, not 2016.

  2. Shouldn't the count be 177, unless the former Shoprite store in s. Philly is being counted.

    1. Fixed, thanks! I missed the last store count update with the closing of Burlington. I've seriously screwed up this post in every possible way!

  3. I really do miss the Burlington Acme, the store was always clean, well stocked and the employees were great - especially the Pharmacy. But the combination of a new WC Shop-rite .5 miles away (a former Kmart), an expanded Walmart in the same shopping center and a Target right down the street must have been too much.

    On the bright side, both the Bordentown and Mount Holly stores seem to be doing well.
    The Bordentown store is especially nice, although the parking lot could be better.

    The old 33M store right down Route 130 is now an Aldi, and they recently put a Dunkin Donuts in the parking lot. This location was originally a 50's style flat roof store with a laundromat in the far end of the parking lot.