Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Former Morrisville Acme...


Photos courtesy of Ian Anderson

Location: 545 West Trenton Avenue, Morrisville, PA
Opened in 1995 
Closed November 2012 

We knew this day was coming. The former 90's Morrisville Acme is finally coming down to make way for redevelopment of the site. Wawa had been planning to build a store here but has since pulled out. Three buildings, including a Rite Aid, will be constructed in place of the Acme. You can view the plans for the site by clicking here.

The Morrisville Acme had a one-of-a-kind facade design.

The interior has been cleared out already so there isn't any signs of Acme to be seen inside...

Nothin' but a huge mess in there!


Location: 1 E Trenton Ave, Morrisville, PA
Opened in August 1967 
Closed in 1995 

Ian also sent in updated photos for the former pitched-roof store which was replaced by the 90's model.

The old Acme sign is still up inside! No longer illuminated, unfortunately. Looks like the updated to the facade is keeping exterior light from lighting up the colorful tiles. Below is a shot of how the  sign looked previously...

For full coverage of the former Acmes in Morrisville, please click here.

Thanks to Ian for the great photos!


  1. Sigh... it's all the nicest-looking Acmes that are getting torn down lately...

    1. I agree. The building looked to be in great condition, I don't know why they couldn't reuse it. Though pharmacies these days want freestanding stores with drive throughs, not ones that are attached to a strip mall or in a shopping center.

  2. Nice to see some love for this store design because I am not a fan. It looks very imposing like a fortress, not at all warm and welcoming. Weird to see such a new building turn down to make room for more retail.