Friday, May 6, 2016

Grand Reopenings!

Location: 5300 Park Blvd, Wildwood, NJ 08260
Grand Reopening: May 6, 2016

For Acme Style coverage of the Wildwood Acme, please click here

Location: 3845 Bayshore Road, North Cape May, NJ
Grand Reopening: May 6, 2016

For Acme Style coverage of the North Cape May Acme, please click here.

Location: 1991 N Sproul Rd, Broomall, PA
Grand Reopening: May 5, 2016

I photographed this store years ago for the blog. The interior pictures turned out horribly so I never posted them. As you can see below, they ditched the Sav-on sign AND centered the ACME sign! The interior previously had the Abertsons Marketplace remodel and has been remodeled with the Quality Built décor. Check out this article on Delaware County Times for additional photos and information. 

Location: 2030 Naamans Road, Wilmington, DE
Grand Reopening: April 29, 2016

This store previously had the first round of the Premium Fresh and Healthy package and has now been remodeled with the Quality Built décor. Intersting note on this store, it is located right across the street from a Safeway. For additional coverage, please click here.


  1. I was going to ask about the Wildwood store! I was working on a house there in November and then again last week. Last week when I drove by I was sitting in traffic and looked in, it looked too bright and colorful to still have the Albertson's Marketplace decor. I couldn't tell which package it has now either PF&H or Quality Built.

    Couldn't make a stop in as I was driving a company truck with two other guys all of whom wanted to get home.

    1. Thanks for letting us know! I was wondering if this was just a light remodel, leaving the old décor in place.

  2. I was in the Naaman's Road store last weekend. What is great about the remodel is that there's much more room at the end of the aisles and across the front and back of the store. I'll try to get some pictures of the decor/

  3. Great to see! But by the way, Acme Style, you switched the store renovation ads from Acme for Wildwood and North Cape May. The one you have under Wildwood says North Cape May, and the one you have under North Cape May says Wildwood. Also, both say "For full Acme Style coverage of the Wildwood Acme..." when the second one should say "North Cape May". (The link in the second one is right.) Just thought you should know.

  4. I see the flooring wasn't changed in a few of those stores. I sure hope that the backrooms got capital expenditures in new equipment, too.

  5. I may head down in the way of the Jersey shore stores this weekend. I'm curious to see what they've done.

  6. Woodcliff Lake is in the process of completing its remodel and now has the Quality Built decor and it looks GREAT! I couldn't snap any pictures because there were workers and managers all over the store working on resting the shelves.

  7. With all these remodels going on, you would expect something to finally be going on with Chester Springs. Unfortunately, that is still not the case. I stopped by there again yesterday, and still no signs of work beginning. Do you think they changed their minds about doing that store?

  8. I love the old school look on the exterior sign at the Wildwood store. They should use that for all stores especially stores that they remodel