Monday, January 16, 2017

Extensive remodel underway in Rehoboth!

Photo courtesy of Justin from the Lehigh Valley

Location: 18578 Coastal Hwy, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Photo above courtesy of Marv

The Rehoboth store received the Quality Built refresh months ago but Acme has circled back to launch a more extensive remodel. Marv details the progree for us below.... 

Acme Rehoboth Beach is getting better each day. Store is currently under renovation. Acme is investing a TON of money in this store where Superfresh didn't invest a dime. 

All aisle relocations have almost been completed. All the center freezer cases have been replaced with upright cases. Allowing more frozen merchandise. Some selections have expanded while others have cleared out. Floor in Produce department is totally ripped up currently with concrete exposed and is in the process of being replaced. 

Pharmacy has relocated to far left corner of store. This area was where the "this is your acme" white wall was emphasized with spotlights. New drop off and pick up area as well as a consultation and waiting area has been created and is way more open and easier to access. Pharmacy is now open but store was way to busy for me to get good pictures. 

Former Pharmacy is being cleared out as well as the front corner where the tv was on the wall from the main entrance to get ready for Starbucks. 

Former Hot To go area is being prepped to become a fresh baked pizza area. 

Fruit cutting room will be created soon as shown by the remodel plans. 

For a full tour of the Rehoboth store, please click here. 


  1. I've got this weird feeling that it will be a Safeway-styled remodel. The two that seem to be making the rounds are "Color Lifestyle" (which Star Market did) and the "TX/FL Decor" (named for some of the earliest markets to receive it).

    This also makes me think that perhaps the Rehoboth Safeway itself will close down.

    1. There's no evidence of a d├ęcor change. In fact, you can see the new Pharmacy is the "Quality Built" blue.

    2. why would Albertsons do that? The Safeway is a small but modern store, just perfect for a shore store. large enough to handle the summer increase in volume and small enough to still get the turns you need to make money, during the rest of the year when the summer folks are away.

    3. Oh right, that DOES fit with the LLC color palette and not Color Lifestyle. Still, though, with the Starbucks and the new features, it's possible the Safeway down the street COULD close. Maybe.

  2. The store has the full quality built decor package. It received it around October last year. Now that the busy tourist season has passed they are doing the remodeling. Acme and Safeway will coexist since there is enough traffic and money in Rehoboth for them to. This store has no parts of a Safeway look.

  3. I feel that the area is dense enough, that the Acme and Safeway don't really compete against eachother, on top of that, the Safeway has a gas station in their parking lot. Also, I feel that Acme is putting in the investment since Weis just picked up two new stores from Food Lion. Who knows what Weis will eventually do to those stores.

  4. Rehoboth also has a growing number of full-time residents. Enough that I believe they can support two stores. Though I feel like this remodel has some Safeway inspiration, like the bakery, Starbucks, etc. The fresh fruit area is also pretty unique, though I don't know how much of a draw that will end up being.

    I don't think Weis has any plans to significantly change the stores they picked up. I think it is more dipping their toes in the water to see how the stores do. It is a good 4.5 hours from Sunbury to Rehoboth.

  5. I was told from a good source that the Ocean City Md store is going to be replaced in the future. They want to take the old mall down and build a larger store.

  6. The Ocean City store is slated to be replaced. I talked to one of Acme's project managers for the Rehoboth remodel. Acme wants to build a replacement store in front of the existing one closet towards coastal highway. Once completed the mall and old store will come down and will be turned into condos.