Friday, January 13, 2017

Quality Built in Warren New Jersey!

Location: 177 Washington Valley Road, Warren, NJ

The Quality Built refresh wrapped up here months ago. I haven't had a chance to get back to see it until just last week. Quite a huge impact in this particular store since the d├ęcor that was here has been hanging around since the mid 90's.

The floors were untouched but this old A&P florring works well with Quality Built.

Proper signage here now! A&P just had a blank white wall about the prepared food cases.

The Kitchen Shop aisle is gone! And so are the lights. Acme didn't bother adding lighting over the left side of the aisle which seems weird since it was still wired for it. See what this aisle looked like previously just below...

Minor changes in Frozen made a pretty big difference...




A lane of multiple express registers added to the front-end.

For a "before" tour of the entire store, please click here.

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  1. I've got mixed feelings on the Quality Built refreshes. On one hand, they make the chain feel coherent as a whole and helps keep an identity. On the other, it makes the chain look boring and erases A&P entirely. This one I'm leaning more toward the former, since the old decor was pretty outdated (1999).