Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Former Acme – Reading, Pennsylvania

Photos courtesy of Stephen G

Location: 600 Greenwhich Street, Reading. PA
Opening date: March 30, 1969
Closed in the early 90's 

Could have sworn this store was on the blog. Pictures came in a long time ago and I'm sure prepped the post but its no where to be found. Good thing Stephen sent in another round! This is one of the very few, fully intact, pitched-roof Acmes I had ever been while it was STILL an Acme! Came across this place back in the early 90's on a road trip to the outlets in Reading. The interior still had the 70's décor on the walls. The store wasn't in the best of shape so I figured its days were numbered. I made a point to stop in every time I was in Reading. Then one day, I came down the hill and saw the Acme was gone. Another store had taken over. Can't remember if it was C-Town at that time or not but it was a sad day nonetheless.

Acme's lava-lamp tiles are undoubted still under those pictures of fruits and vegetables.





Thanks to Stephen for sending in the pictures! 


  1. Thanks for posting my photos. Next time i'm home I plan to do the former one on Lalor Street in Trenton. Just not going that one alone, sketchy town.

  2. This became a BRL (Buy Rite Liquidators) for a while after Acme and before C-Town moved in. BRL also operated the former Acme in Coal Twp, PA. Any decor changes were probably done by C-Town, not BRL.