Thursday, January 26, 2017

Satelite Images for the Freehold Acme

Location: 3241 U.S. 9, Freehold, New Jersey

When I put together the Freehold post back in October of last year, I didn't include the historic images because was down at the time. I didn't give it much thought until comments were left mentioned the Acme being built in the exact spot of a former A&P. I immediately jumped back over to, found it working again and saw the Acme was, in fact, built right where an old Centennial A&P had stood. I've been wanting to circle back ever since to get the historic aerials up on the blog. They are finally arriving today! I created a separate post for them since it's quite interesting seeing an old A&P being swapped out for a big new Acme! They will also be added to the end of the Freehold post, which you can view by clicking here



The former A&P clearly seen in 2002. The store wouldn't be standing for much longer.





  1. This store did not directly replace an A&P. It was, for most of the 90s, a retailer specializing in pool tables and other such goods called The Game Room Store.

    1. I described the building as a "former A&P".

    2. Of course. I just wanted to try to fill in some more history. Sorry if that was unclear!

    3. I was concerned I wasn't clear that the A&P was long gone by the time it was torn down. Thanks for the update on what was located there!