Friday, January 6, 2017

Acme store closing:
The following store will be closing on or before February 16, 2017.

 Burlington, NJ

Locaiton: 2200 Mount Holly Road, Burlington, NJ

The Burlington Acme has taken two major hits in the past few years. The Walmart located in the same shopping center was expanded in 2014 and the former Kmart just down the road became a huge new ShopRite in 2015. 


  1. I expected this to happen years ago, at least it hung on this long.

  2. I'm curious if the adjoining Wal-Mart is on separate property from the strip where Acme is currently located. I was surprised when I read that Wal-Mart expanded thinking that Acme would have had an exclusive in their lease unless Wal-Mart was on separately owned properly.

    1. There may not have been such a clause if, which I'm assuming, the Walmart dates back several years to before the time when they really started getting into groceries. In the Easton/Nazareth, PA area, there is/was a shopping center with a Walmart that expanded to a supercenter at one end, and a Redner's at the other...the Redner's closed a few years later.

  3. That's sad, but not unexpected.