Friday, May 13, 2016

Acme – Pleasant Valley, New York

Location: 13 North Avenue, Pleasant Valley,  NY

Today we have some pictures of the Pleasant Valley Acme in New York, sent in by an annonymous contributor along with other New York locations which will be coming to the blog soon. Crowds look light at  this time of day but according to the aerial views, this is a high volume store. The logo on front is a little odd. It looks to be solid red with no white outlines. Certainly a very unique exterior for an A&P and an Acme! 

Round 1 of the "fresh" remodel inside.

This store did get an Acme sign from the front-end. Stores that didn't get one of these signs during the conversions STILL don't have one. At least the ones I've been in. Seems like Acme just gave up getting more of these made.


Now that's a hopin' parking lot!

Looks like a former Grand Union across the street. Judging from the awning and the windows along the front, it was remodeled in the 80's. Interestingly, the other stores in the shopping center appear to have the same facade as Grand Union would have had prior to the 80's remodel. Click here for a look at a former Grand Union that still has its original facade.



The oldest view available for this are is from 1995. Not much has changed since then.


  1. Note that there is another building in the A&P/Acme plaza (you can barely see a corner of it in the bottom right of the overhead shot) so most of the cars to the right of the entry (and probably the row or so to the left) are for those stores and the couple smaller spaces in the building attached to the market.

    However it's not surprising that the market is busier as this is kind of by itself, about a 10 minute (or so) trip from the outer reaches of Poughkeepsie and there are not (that I know of) many other stores in close proximity heading East either (towards the CT line), so little competition in the area.

    Yes the other building was a Grand Union and then after their bankruptcy was Key Foods for a time. I believe they left so not sure what, if anything, is in that building now.

  2. There is a STOP&SHOP with a Gas Station a few miles down the road. It was built on the site of a former Caldor store after the original Edwards Super Food Store was rebranded to Stop&Shop.....across the street from that is a vacant BIG V ShopRite....they are now on RT 9 at the South Hills Mall in a former Price Chopper formerly Sears which itself relocated to the Poughkeepsie Galleria. The Grand Union pictured was a short lived Key Food Marketplace.

    1. Yes, that Stop & Shop was what I was thinking of when I said the outer reaches of Poughkeepsie.

      But when you think you once had A&P, Grand Union, the older S&S/Edwards (which is now a Big lots, at least last I knew) and the ShopRite where now you only have the two (I suppose you could count Adams as well) it's still quite a bit less competition, and a similar number of people using less stores.

      Additionally, there was the store (another GU, maybe?) over on 55 that then became a Fresh Town (Foodtown) for a while and last I knew was Walgreens so another area nearby no longer having a supermarket.

  3. All Putnam County A&P stores Carmel, Patterson, Mahopac, Brewster as well as Dutchess County A&P stores in Hopewell Jct., LaGrangeville, and Pleasant Valley ALL received the first round of the FRESH decor package....Patterson being the first. THE LAST BRAND NEW FROM THE GROUND UP A&P FRESH was Hopewell Jct. They were also the first to have a colored concrete floor and open ceiling and cinder block on the walls instead of sheet rock. LaGrangeville ShopRite had their GRAND OPENING about three weeks ago.........I'll foward the photos.

  4. Wasn't this the last A&P to be operating? I seem to remember reading about Acme having trouble securing the store and thus they couldn't switch immediately.