Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Manasquan Acme...

NOT Getting Better

Location: 71 Taylor Ave, Manasquan, NJ 

Kicking off a new featured here at Acme Style — "Is Acme Getting Better?" Not sure how often these sorts of posts will occur but I do have two ready to go so far. If you see improvements happening at your Acme, feel free to snap a few pictures and send them in. I unfortuantely can't make a habit of revisiting stores that are already posted on the blog. There are far too many yet to recieve the Acme Style treatment.

Today we will be looking at an Acme that is NOT getting better. It has actually taken a turn for the worse. The once charming store with its Checkerboard Arch decor is now an embarrassing mess. The Middlesex store, which is the only other store with this look, had a repaint as well but the overall decor was left mostly untouched. At Manasquan, paint was haphazardly splashed all over the walls.

Above is how the Produce department looks now. Below is a photo prior to the repaint. Is that an improvement? I would have to say no. Not even close. I am a little biased however as this is one of my favorite decor packages of all time. Just look at how great it is was...

A few more photos can be seen in the original Manasquan post.

Frozen Food with the fresh paint above and the original look below.

Frozen Food goes from fun to a flop. Prepare yourself for a close-up of the work that was done. You will not believe your eyes.

You still might notice how bad the repaint is here. Please click on the photo to make it larger for a better look. Was this done by a professional painter? I can't imagine it was. Check out the mess they made out of the letters. And the white paint all over the ceiling. Did they even try to avoid getting paint on the ceiling? Was there no room in the budget for painter's tape? The brown border was the easiest part to paint and that has both the color above and below all over it. Aside from all of that, the peachy beige color is awful. Such a shame. Does anyone in the company think this is an improvement? I say a re-do should be a top priority. This classic location deceivers so much better.

The Industrial Circus aisle markers are being used here. They've been in place for years now. Wouldn't be so terrible if they still had they're original panels instead of those printed labels...

One final look at the previous decor. "Bakery" no longer applied to this section as the Dairy cases were extended all the way tot he front corner. They have removed those letters as you can see in the photo above this one. Why was the checkerboard such a problem? I just don't understand.


  1. Judging from one of the photo's, they at least kept the classic produce floor.

  2. On the bright side, the store is getting some attention...

  3. Well, considering that there is a high likelihood that the employees may have helped spruce the store up, I give them a hand. The employees at the closed Point Pleasant store painted and cleaned that store before it was closed. I believe that this was done hoping that their store would be spared from the axe after corporate made a visit. And I really don't think that Manasquan is in bad condition. Their sales this past summer have been on a steady increase. I definitely see a positive change at the Manasquan Acme.

  4. Right around the changeover from Supervalu to New Albertsons/Cerberus, Acme was doing something called "Project GOLD" - GOLD meaning Grand Opening Look Daily. Managers from different stores went to neighboring stores to spruce up fixtures, do some repaints, and general refurbishing work. (That should give you an idea of how bad things got under Supervalu.)

    This absolutely looks like it took place during Project GOLD, and considering it was likely done by store managers, it's not half bad...