Friday, September 5, 2014

Acme – Medford, New Jersey

Location: 175 Route 70, Medford, NJ

Today, we're getting a 3 for 1 deal in Medford, New Jersey. The current Acme is located in close proximity to not one but two former Acmes. Under SuperValu's leadership, Medford had been on track to have 3 former Acmes. Rumors often had Medford on the chopping block during several rounds of closings. This despite the fact that the store received the deluxe Premium Fresh and Healthy remodel. When Alberstons took control of Acme, they wasted no time in letting shoppers know the store wasn't going anywhere...

Acme's main competitor here is a ShopRite, a half of a mile East on Route 70. Not sure when that store opened but it appears the two have been competing for many years. SuperValu's pricing and horrible management may have chased customers away in the late 2000's despite the heavy investment in the store.

A unique looking Acme from the outside thanks to the turret-like structures that are used throughout the shopping center. They appear to date back to when Jamesway called this building home. Not sure if the discount store survived until the company's bankruptcy or closed prior to the chain's demise.

Unique from the outside as well as the inside. This store has the deluxe Premium Fresh and Healthy version 1 remodel but with the warmer color scheme of version 2. While I tried to define each decor package as specifically as possible, there is some crossover between the first two versions. Perhaps Medford could perhaps be called version 1.5. Version 3 is most definitely out on it's own.

Medford has a free standing, ala carte station featured prominently between the Bakery and grocery aisles. And can you believe it? Updated Wild Harvest signage! The giant soda display is really killing our view here. This newly added department was often installed further back during remodels and not seen as easily from the entrance.

The color scheme here is similar to the one used in the Sewell store. No 90's decor left on the walls here. Not sure what the previous decor package was prior to the PF&H remodel.

No windows in Produce. I believe back room space runs a long the right side of the building. They probably wouldn't have been added anyway since this was a retrofit.

New floors were installed throughout. This is easily one of Acme's nicest stores. Very light on shoppers the day I was there. That was earlier this year so hopefully Acme's lower "getting better" ad campaign is winning shoppers back like it is at many locations.

The curved awnings above the departments were a staple in the PF&H v1 remodels.

Deluxe Cheese Shop!

Looking towards the front of the store. The seating area here is the more commonly used spot for the ala carte station.

Medford has 21 aisles total. No center aisle.

Frozen Food has a mix of different types of cases...

It's interesting that this store doesn't have the sloped ceiling along the perimeter which were standard issue in 90's stores. I'm not sure how much work, if any, was done to the ceiling during the last remodel.

The store is incredibly clean throughout.

Without a doubt, one of the nicest Pharmacy/Health and Beauty Aids department ever seen in an Acme...

Extremely organized and well stocked.

I can only assume business here has improved dramatically since Alberstons took over. The store is absolutely beautiful and impeccably managed.


No idea when this image was taken but check out the crowd! Had to have been within the last 5 years or so. Maybe it was the day before Thanksgiving? Whatever day it was, the Acme was jumping'!

The section all the way to the left looks like an addition but has existed here since the Jamesway days.

Heading higher for a look at the two former stores across the street.

The 50's model all the way to the right opened on Jan 24, 1959. It was eventually replaced by a 33M model, all the way to the left, probably in the mid to late 70's. You can see that a portion of the building has been significantly altered. I believe it's used for outdoor space for the fitness center that currently operates in the building.


Back down the to ground for a closer look. Absolutely no clues left from the 50's Acme along the front.

Nothing on the side either.

But we sure do get some in the back...

Down at the other end for the 70's Acme. No clues left here either.

I did check out that greenhouse area on the left but for the life of me I can't remember what was going on in there. The Acme did extend the entire width of the current structure.

Once again there are plenty of Acme remnants around back...



Jamesway closed and abandoned here.

The 33M Acme on the right doing some nice business.

The 50's model started out all alone and remained alone until at least 1970.





  1. The Jamesway was definitely closed by 1992. The building sat empty for several years. At one point it was going to be a Super G. It even had a banner saying that Super G was coming soon. That never happened because of an issue with the owner of the property. Acme relocated here around 1996 or 1997.

  2. Alright! Acme Style's back in action, with a brand-new "Big Store" post. (That's what I call the big store tours and such that normally go up on a Friday.) I wonder what else he's got in his vault?

    1. The vault is bursting at the seams! Check back on Wednesday for pictures of a type of store that has been at the top of my wish list ever since Acme Style started!

  3. It's too bad Acme didn't think to take over the Hammonton Jamesway. It was still sitting vacant at the time the Acme closed in 1999. I guess the store wasn't making enough money for them to consider the option.

    ShopRite ended up taking the building, and they opened up in 2002. Another missed opportunity for Acme...

  4. I believe, though I'm not 100% sure, that the outdoor space at the former Acme across the road was a Frank's garden center before closing and becoming the gym it is now.

    1. It was actually a very short lived Burpee (as in the seed company) Garden Center. I think it was open less than a year. Frank's was in Marlton at the 70/73 circle. The original Acme in Medford was a stand alone building. The shopping center was built when Acme moved to the garden center location.